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Dec 12, 2007 06:23 AM

dusting chocolate truffles question

Hello all - this weekend I made Earl Grey chocolate truffles and Red Zinfandel chocolate truffles. I rolled the Zinfandel truffles in cocoa and coated the Earl Grey truffles in powdered sugar. I refrigerated them before serving, but when it was time to plate them, I discovered that the Earl Grey truffles were caked in sugar. They looked more like Dunkn Donuts Munchkins than chocolate truffles and I re-dusted them in powdered sugar to make them more presentable.

Is there any way to avoid this or will the powdered sugar inevitably develop a crust? If I want truffles to have a white dusting, can I use anything else that will hold up better? Powdered milk, perhaps?


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  1. The powdered sugar will inevitably cake up if you are storing them, just because of the moisture in the ganache - did you try shaking the extra sugar off using a sieve?

    If you only want a light dusting, you could try to coat the truffles with a really thin layer of tempered chocolate and then dusting them when the chocolate is set...but not sure that is what you're going for (and it's probably too late). You could also just store the centers in well sealed container in the fridge and dust them right before serving, less sugar will adhere to them if the centers are cold....

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      You don't have to temper the chocolate if the truffles are going to be kept in the fridge, you can even coat them with a thin layer of chocolate, then roll them directly in the cocoa without letting them set first (haven't tried w/ 10x). This gives a nice brittle crust and textural contrast.

      How about rolling them in white chocolate shavings for a snowball look?

      Hazelnut, you could also just roll them in cocoa and dust with powdered sugar jut before serving, or depending on the flavor, roll in finely chopped nuts - not white, but still a color contrast. I don't think powdered milk would work.

    2. you can dust them right before serving. The refridgerator might have caused condensation and made the sugar all caked up.

      1. powered sugar does not handle time very well and will clump pretty quickly. In making truffles or ckae, jfood always dusts right before serving.