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Dec 12, 2007 06:17 AM

Winter Farmers' Markets, esp. in Harlem / Morningside / UWS


I was wondering if anyone knows of farmers' markets that run through the winter.

I know the one in Union Square continues throughout the year, but I'm looking for other locations. I'm especially interested in markets in the UWS, Harlem or Morningside areas.

Thanks, fellow hongrie people.

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  1. According to, the Morningside market is open year-round.

    1. Officially, the W. 97th Street market (Fridays) is open year round. But I know one farmer stopped as of Thanksgiving, saying they had nothing else. And another will stop at Christmas (Bialas). Ronnybrook Dairy will still continue (I asked) and maybe a couple of the others (Red Jacket, Valley Shephard, etc.).

      If you are interested, Bialas is doing a 2-month winter CSA (for January & February) and they may still be taking applications for it. We put ours in before Thanksgiving, but they may still have slots. It's $100 for the 2 months.

      1. Sunday December 16th from 11am-4pm at South Street Seaport, will be New Amsterdam Public's first Winter Market.