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Jan 19, 1999 07:03 PM

Any decent Thai chow in West L.A.?

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My father is desperate. Any help for my poor Dad, trapped on the West Side?

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  1. Thai House on Pico between La
    Cienega and Robertson is good. The
    food is always fresh and they grow
    their own herbs in the back.

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    1. re: Jane
      jonathan gold

      But really, the sort answer is: No.

      The Thai restaurants on the Westside
      sometimes seem as alike as the Indian
      restaurants in the East Village.

      The closest Thai restaurant with any kind
      of character is Talesai, on the Strip,
      which has a fairly basic Thai menu but
      uses luxury ingredients: the har mok
      isn't bad.

      But why settle when you can drive a few
      extra minutes to Hollywood and the
      greatest concentration of Thai restaurants
      outside Bangkok: Sanamuluang for noodles;
      the Palm for wild game; Krang Tedd for
      Bangkok-style bar food (especially
      the banana-leaf chicken); Ruen Pair for
      Thai-Chinese (crumbled pork with Chinese
      olives, fried morning glory with garlic);
      Torung for late-night jook; Yai for
      stinky Bangkok street food; Vim for
      fine straight-ahead basic Thai, popular
      with Latinos; Jitlada for definitive
      Thai banquet food; Sapp's Coffee Shop
      for chicken . . . there are dozens more.

      For good Isaan-style food
      you have to schlep to Norwalk (both
      Palm and Krang Tedd have some dishes)
      --but Renu Nakorn is hands down the
      best Thai restaurant in the U.S.

      1. re: jonathan gold

        Ditto for Jonathan's comments about the westside,
        although Thai House is one of my neighborhood places
        and I have a soft spot for it. I've only had lunch at
        Renu Nakorn, but it has always been terrific,
        especially the soups, which are amazingly complex.
        I haven't eaten at Jitlada or Talesai recently, but
        they've been excellent in the past. I'm looking
        forward to trying some of Jonathan's other

        1. re: Joe Miller

          just a little thank you for the Sanamuluang
          recommendation. we had an outstanding meal and it was
          so cheap! the squid salad was the most refreshing and
          spicy thing I've tasted in a while. and #51, the
          noodles with chiles and mint and onions...pure heaven.

          1. re: Kate

            As I think I mentioned in my previous post, Sanamluang
            is one of my regular hangs, and now you know why. The
            good news is that you had the opportunity to eat there.
            The bad news is that, not only did you barely scratch
            the surface of the menu there (although you made some
            good choices), you barely scratched the surface of the
            many amazing Thai restaurants in the area. Hopefully
            there will be another trip to Los Angeles to remedy

            1. re: Tom Armitage

              Regarding Ruen Pair, I fear my favorite Hollywood Thai is not what it once was.
              It seems that there is a new ownership and though the menu has stayed the same the food has slipped several notches. Also their "B" was downgraded to "C" and remained that way for some time.
              I like Samunalung, but the atmosphere is not as pleasent as at Ruen, especially on warm days when the smell of the super-markets dumpster seeps into the dining area.
              I've had mixed experiences at Jitalda. What's a good thing to order there?

              1. re: Jrh330

                Here is a much delayed response to your question about what to order at Jitlada. My favorites include the Southern Spicy Beef (#39), crab and shrimp in curry sauce (I forget the exact name of this dish on the menu), Tu-fu Duck (#42), Mussel on Flame (#52), Flambe Prawn (#65), and Spinach on Flame (#73). Other good dishes include Pa-Nang and Jitlada Squid.