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Dec 12, 2007 04:34 AM

Lemongrass Bmore Address?

For those that have been or know where it's located...


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  1. I can't find a street address for it, but I pass by it daily, it's in the next warehouse complex on the 300 South block of Central Ave, between Bank Street and Gough Street on the edge of Little Italy and a couple of blocks up from Eastern Ave. The entrance faces Central Ave. It's not hard to find, if you're coming up from the water it's on your right hand side.

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      thanks, because i searched all over the net but couldn't come up with it either.

    2. Hi there,

      My name is Yong. I work at Lemongrass West Street, Annapolis MD.

      The address for Lemongrass Baltimore is 1300 Bank Street, Baltimore MD. (near Little Italy) The phone number is 410-327-7835. Now we are open for lunch and dinner.

      Tsunami Japanese Restaurant is also located in the same address. Their phone number is 410-327-1370.


      1. it's on Bank Street, across the street from that new condo building, is it Canal Street Lofts??

        1. Has anyone eaten here? Is the menu the same as the Annapolis location? Thoughts...

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            Yes the menu is the same, but they're not yet open for lunch. I went before the holidays with a group of about 7. It was early so we chose to drink and nosh in the seated lounge area by the bar. A really nice, hip vibe. And you must check out the huge Buddha-esque statue in the atrium!