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Dec 12, 2007 02:58 AM

Thai Spice Hendersonville NC

Does anyone know anything (when it's going to open, menu, owners, etc.) about Thai Spice on King St in Hendersonville NC?


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    1. re: bikingnc

      Me, too! All I know is that it's in the building formally occupied by The Peddler steakhouse (beside Hendersonville Sports Medicine). So far nothing in the local press to indicate when they will open, so my guess is it probably won't be before the end of the year.

      Maybe somebody else has the skinny...

      1. re: Jeff C.

        I stopped at the Thai Spice in Hendersonville o/a December 8 to ask when they planned to be opened. I talked to the Thai female owner. That did not have a
        firm opening date and it looked like they still had perhaps a month's worth of work left to do. On the good side, she said that they planned to offer a LOT of
        northeast Thai items, e.g. gai yang, som tam, larb, khaaw niew, etc.

        1. re: ThaiNut

          Thanks for the update. Let us know if you hear anything else.

    2. They are opening officially on December 23rd, Sunday. They'll be open 7 days a week, but only doing lunch on the weekend. They'll even be open on Christmas, which may bode well for them since no where else in Hendersonville is usually open. The owners moved up from southern Florida where their head chef, the owner's mother, was voted one of the best Thai cooks in the area. I saw a sample menu and it looks absolutely fantastic!

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      1. re: barblizbth

        Good news indeed! Please post a review when/if you go.

        1. re: barblizbth

          Do you know what the name of their place in SoFla was?

          1. re: barblizbth

            That's great news. Do you know where in South Florida? There is a Thai restaurant in Sarasota that is my all time favorite.

            Thanks so much for the info. Look forward to trying it.

            1. re: kjen

              As noted above, Thai Spice is now up and running. I took seven of my relatives there Xmas evening. Our total bill came to $250 but if you take out the appetizers, beers and deserts the per-person charge for the main dishes came to $17.25 each. We ordered That style where all of the dishes are shared around the table so everyone got to taste everything.

              My bottom line assessment for this place is that it is probably the best Thai restaurant in the Asheville area. You might think this is too rash a judgment after only one visit but since the eight of us ordered nine main dishes I think we had a very good sampling of the menu.

              Service was very friendly and quite adequate even though a couple of the staff were obvious trainees.

              The place has its own parking lot, is large, super clean and orderly, and has plenty of staff. Not much stuff on the walls yet but that will change when 'Mom' gets back from a shopping trip to Thailand.

              The owner is 'Jaeng,' a very delightful woman who said that she had operated a Thai restaurant in South Florida (Palm Beach I think) for 8 years but recently got chased out of that area by a hurricane. The kitchen staff were surely Thais but the only other Thai on the floor was 'Daeng' a local hire Thai male who also operates a B&B in Flat Rock. The one Thai-looking female waitress turned out to be Filipino.

              The Thai Spice address is 220 South King Street, Hendersonville and the phone is 828-693-7323. They are open 7 days a week with lunch starting at 11:30 and dinner at 5:00.

              1. re: ThaiNut

                Awesome! Thanks ThaiNut! Can't wait to try it!

                1. re: kjen

                  I went back to Thai Spice last night (Fri) by myself. Got there about 6:00 and there were quite a number of tables already occupied. Khun Jaeng (the owner) said that they'd been mobbed the night before. I discussed with her a few complaints I'd heard through the grapevine regarding service and the lack of spiciness to some of the food when the customers specified that they wanted it hot. She said she was surprised how much the people in this area like spicy food so her plan is to trash the current menu for a better one in the near future. I ordered three items and got two in short order. The third came well after I'd already finished the first two and was full. This was blamed on a male waiter who refused to write things down, and someone else had said that this waiter had forgotten their order too. Khun Jaeng said that he was going to be assigned to other duties. So, the point of all this is that the place is undergoing some growing pains so if you go there try to bear that in mind.

          2. Took the wife and infant there on Friday 12/29 and saw a lot of promise. Very friendly, great service. You can't see any remnants of the old Peddler at all.

            The wife had chicken with the Panang Curry and thought it was perfect. I"m not a big coconut kind of guy, so I shouldn't comment on that dish.

            I got pork with Fresh Basil and thought it was good. Started out great, but finished kind of salty to my preference. The veggies were very fresh and the meat was well prepared.

            I'll echo another post on this board about spiciness. I asked for "extra spicy" and got what would be be called "medium". When I mentioned that the waiter promptly brought out a few sauces for me to dress things up. This could also account for the saltiness that I ended with, I think I overloaded one of the extra sauces.

            We had satay for an appetizer and thought it was very good. The peanut sauce was excellent.

            Staff was very accommodating with our infant. He's pretty good in restaurants since we feed him in the parking lot before going in so he's nice and full/sleepy. The owner brought out a plate of rice and soft veggies for him on the house. Not necessary, but very nice.

            All in all it's definitely a work in process, but I got the impression that it will be a great place very shortly.

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            1. re: timlau

              Thanks to all of you for your reviews/comments. I haven't been to Thai Spice yet, but plan to go soon.

            2. Ordered lunch for delivery yesterday. Just Chicken Pad Thai. It was terrific! Very flavorful.

              But, again I emphasized "extra spicy" when I ordered and it was delivered barely medium spicy. I think they just don't believe that someone around here likes spicy stuff.

              The delivery was prompt and without any extra charge, which is nice. The "no extra charge" was more than off-set with a $9 charge for lunch portion of pad thai. So, throw in a coke and tip, and it was a $14 lunch.

              1. We just went the other night. It's a large restaurant, but was unfortunately basically empty when we were there. She has a huge, very young staff out on the floor and the server we got could not describe any of the dishes. The food was mostly delicious and I'd agree with the very authentic- not spicy enough no matter what- comments. The dish I ordered was the volcano shrimp- fried shrimp on vegetables with a chili sauce. It even had a little pepper next to the menu name indicating the heat, I asked for it spicy and it was hardly mild. Otherwise, this dish was very delicious at 17 dollars. Also got the springrolls and wonton soup. Both not worth the price and were nothing to write home about. I hate to say it, but it hurt when we got the bill.

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                1. re: charlottecooks

                  Ouch. Sounds like they are def. having some growing pains. I'll still give them a shot but will probably wait about a month.