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I'm craving champurrado...

It's cold, please post some of the best places to get champurrado...

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  1. I like the version at Mama's Hot Tamales and the version at Monte Alban.

    1. I wonder how this LA Weekly -- Jonathan Gold (Pullet Surprise Winning Reviewer) list from 2005 is holding up?


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        I think this is about hot chocolates around LA, which is something different than atoles, of which champurrado is just one type. A telling sign of change in Echo Park in the recent few years is the absence of the street vendors. I suppose that it's not the drink of choice for the neo-hippy skinny jean set, but I miss the vendors this time of the year, wrapped up in their warm clothes and ladeling out the drink into styrofoam that I can take and re-heat as needed at home.

        I'll take El Gran Burrito's in a pinch, but the best places have always been where the hot drink is served with good tamales (with more cinnamon than raw sugar for my taste). Gallo Giro chains usually have 3 or 4 flavors. Anyone know a good street vendor with great (small) tamales and champurrado? Maybe the place called:

        Mom's Tamales:
        3328 Pasadena Ave
        Los Angeles CA, 90031

      2. Me too! (No nuts, right?) anyone know of a place in the SFV?

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          I noticed that Mr. Gold was touting Sr. Fred for their version.

        2. I'm no expert by any means, only had champurrado at a few taquerias and a small market that serves food in Santa Clarita, but the stuff at the Vallarta Supermarkets Taqueria hits the spot for me!


          1. theres a champurrado lady who serves on the corner of 8th and irolo across the street from R bar...

            incidentally there was a taco guy next to her there that had great smelling meat grilling that i didnt get a chance to try cuz he had bailed when i got out of the bar. (i think he was cooking on charcoal grill)

            second incidental...watch where you park... perhaps slight gentrification/hipster backlash. two of my friends bmw's got their windows smashed and they went into the engine and pulled hoses...

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              I like Puebla Tacos version. But boy is it HOT!

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                I second the recommendation for the lady at Irolo & 8th. She sometimes serves atole de elote and atole de pina (pineapple), too. Her green chile chicken tamales are phenomenal, too.

              2. Not sure what area you are looking for, but the lady who sells tamales, burritos, etc at the Villa Park Farmer's Market on Tuesday Mornings in Pasadena had it in the past. Not sure if it is the best, since I have only had it the one time, but I liked it. She also does the Pasadena HS FM on Saturday mornings, but I am not sure if she has it there. She is the one who has the crepe booth at the Hollywood FM.

                1. My partner had some this past Sunday at the Grand Central Market at Sarita's Pupuseria. It was on their printed menu so I am guessing this is not a seasonal offering. That was our first encounter with champurrado so have no idea how it compares with others.

                  1. We only crave it once a year--when we head down to Las Posadas at Olvera St. The big cafe (don't know the name) there serves it, and it's very serviceable when the weather is nippy outside.

                    1. Didn't try the champurrado but we are still drooling over the atole de coco that Gallo Giro is serving. Texture almost like an English custard sauce. South Gate branch. They had some nice sweet tamales also.

                      1. Just had some at El Super Burrito Jr. on Lower Azusa and Arden this afternoon when searching for some pupusas. Nice mouthfeel with great spices going on, I believe 1.75+ tax for a cup's worth. Not sure what to compare it to, but I am definitely trying everyone's recommendations now.