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Dec 12, 2007 02:15 AM

I'm craving champurrado...

It's cold, please post some of the best places to get champurrado...

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  1. I like the version at Mama's Hot Tamales and the version at Monte Alban.

    1. I wonder how this LA Weekly -- Jonathan Gold (Pullet Surprise Winning Reviewer) list from 2005 is holding up?

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        I think this is about hot chocolates around LA, which is something different than atoles, of which champurrado is just one type. A telling sign of change in Echo Park in the recent few years is the absence of the street vendors. I suppose that it's not the drink of choice for the neo-hippy skinny jean set, but I miss the vendors this time of the year, wrapped up in their warm clothes and ladeling out the drink into styrofoam that I can take and re-heat as needed at home.

        I'll take El Gran Burrito's in a pinch, but the best places have always been where the hot drink is served with good tamales (with more cinnamon than raw sugar for my taste). Gallo Giro chains usually have 3 or 4 flavors. Anyone know a good street vendor with great (small) tamales and champurrado? Maybe the place called:

        Mom's Tamales:
        3328 Pasadena Ave
        Los Angeles CA, 90031

      2. Me too! (No nuts, right?) anyone know of a place in the SFV?

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        1. re: Diana

          I noticed that Mr. Gold was touting Sr. Fred for their version.

        2. I'm no expert by any means, only had champurrado at a few taquerias and a small market that serves food in Santa Clarita, but the stuff at the Vallarta Supermarkets Taqueria hits the spot for me!

          1. theres a champurrado lady who serves on the corner of 8th and irolo across the street from R bar...

            incidentally there was a taco guy next to her there that had great smelling meat grilling that i didnt get a chance to try cuz he had bailed when i got out of the bar. (i think he was cooking on charcoal grill)

            second where you park... perhaps slight gentrification/hipster backlash. two of my friends bmw's got their windows smashed and they went into the engine and pulled hoses...

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              I like Puebla Tacos version. But boy is it HOT!

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                I second the recommendation for the lady at Irolo & 8th. She sometimes serves atole de elote and atole de pina (pineapple), too. Her green chile chicken tamales are phenomenal, too.