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Dec 12, 2007 12:52 AM

My last meal in NY?

Hello, all! I'll be visiting NY once again in mid January, and am turning here for some suggestions. I've received some great tips from this board in the past, and am hoping for one more!

My gf's (finally!) moving back to SF, so this will probably be one of my last trips out to NY for some time. It'll also be my birthday weekend. So, looking for a nice meal to celebrate.

I saw a thread earlier on where to eat for $300 ( - I'm probably looking for something in a similar price range. One caveat, my gf is vegetarian.

Any recommendations? I'm looking to do either a prix fixe-type menu or a tasting menu. Perusing the boards, see a few reqs for Cafe Boulud, Aquavit, Aureole - all seem to have some veggie-friendly options. Could do the prix fixe at Daniel, but the tasting menu seems a bit out of range. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Ok, taking another shot out there - leaning towards either the prix fixe at daniel, or tasting menu at Aquavit.

    1. What about Gramercy Tavern? They have a vegetable tasting menu for $88. I've never done it, but I've always wanted to.

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        I also was going to suggest Gramercy Tavern which is vegetarian friendly.
        Although, I cannot wait until March when I will be trying Aquavit for the first time myself with friends who are coming to NY and want to try it.

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          Ah, forgot about Gramercy Tavern. I remember trying to check their website a few times over the past few months (before my previous NY trip, etc.), and it was always under construction. Good to see it's up!

      2. I think that Aquavit and Daniel are, indeed, better choices than Aureole or Cafe Boloud (Aureole is not what it once was, and Cafe B is excellent, but not nearly as exciting as Daniel). I would also consider Le Bernardin, if your gf eats seafood. I honestly don't know too much about vegetarian-friendly "fine dining" menus, though I know that Del Posto (possibly NY's most upscale Italian) has some good choices without fish or fowl.

        1. Aquavit *is* excellent for vegetarians. Also consider Craft. Gramercy was too mushroomy for my vegetarian palate (I like mushrooms and all, but be a *little* inventive). Del Posto is delicious too (but call in advance and ask what vegetarian stuff they have, including what broths the risottos are cooked in and so on... that was a little tricky).

          1. Ok, thanks for all the feedback, got reservations at Gramercy Tavern. I'll report back on the meal (in a month). Tried on opentable the day it opened, it was all booked, but called them the next morning and I got the reservation (they said I grabbed the last table).

            Any thoughts on standard dress code? Opentable shows "business casual" - just wondering what's par for the course there. Thanks!

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            1. re: nsheth

              Gramercy Tavern does not have a dress code, and the overall feel in both the Tavern Room and the dining room is relaxed and casual. Thus, while you will see some gentlemen wearing jackets in the dining room, you will feel entirely comfortable if you prefer not to wear one.

              Enjoy and Bon Appetit!