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Dec 12, 2007 12:46 AM

Corckage in Seattle


A friend and I are going to be going down to Seattle on business this coming weekend. We have a killer bottle of Bordeaux we want to crack, and we were wondering if Seattle restaurants offer Corkage?

If so, are there any that you would recommend? We're probably looking for meat, or "big red" friendly food.

Money isn't really a concern.


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  1. Most are at around $15. Purple (at least in Kirkland) was free! Call or e-mail and ask.

    1. If money isn't a concern, you should be fine. I've never heard of a place that wouldn't open a bottle you bring in - especially if they don't have it. But it's always wise to call in advance and ask. Incidently, I've heard of places that don't charge at all, and I've heard of places that charge $50!