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Dec 12, 2007 12:17 AM

How functional is your kitchen?

In terms of equipment (large and small), appliances, space planning, work stations?

What do you like about it, and what don't you? Is it convenient, efficient, pleasant for you? Give it a grade.

I got to design my kitchen and a separate pantry when we built our house about three years ago. If I had it to do over again...I would have made some different cosmetic/finishing choices, but in terms of functionality, I did a good job for the way we cook, eat and live in the kitchen. But...I'm always looking for new ideas re equipment, storage, just making my kitchen (since it's pretty much my "office") easier to use.

How 'bout you?

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  1. When we renovated our kitchen, we took down a wall that divided the kitchen from a small formal dining room. I love my big kitchen, but because we eliminated the dining room, I had to leave the table in what was the "eat-in" portion of the kitchen instead of installing an island. I have 2 roll away carts that take the place of an island, which works pretty well. but I would still love to have an island. Also, a seperate pantry would be heaven. So, all in all, I'd say I have to give my kitchen a B.

    1. I live in a 1100 sf "luxury" condo. Unfortunately, the luxury did not extend to the kitchen which is pretty standard for a unit like this (regular home range, worthless "exhaust"). It works but I wish I had the scratch to improve it.

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        Oh, thanks for reminding me. Our exhaust system is pretty worthless too. It's on the list of more ways to throw money at our house.

      2. personally can't wait to reno my kitchen. the island wobbles, the cabinets don't all close (loose edging), the floor dips in one place - eek - not to mention the worthless to me grill in the island and the glass cutting board installed in the counter next to the sink. OH. and no pantry - I use the closet in the next room. Only good parts - the new french door fridge, microwave and dishwasher, installed as part of a deal that DH gets to build the garage-mahal before I tear out the kitchen. Overall, a D because I can and do still cook in it, but I hate it. ;-)

        1. We're very happy with our kitchen renovation. The only issue is that we planned the location with a specific refrigerator in mind. When it came time to deliver the fridge, we were told by the store that the it ws no longer in production and that we would have to pick a different one (Yes, they gave us an even better deal on the second choice). We did but didn't take into consideration how close the unit was to the wall and how far the handle stuck out. We now have a side by side (which I loathe) whose left door (freezer) opens wide but whose refridg. door opens 90 degrees. To clean the inside I have to pull it out of the abinet and rotate it. Ughhhh!

          1. Buying our first house and the kitchen is where all the reno $ is going to be spent...thank goodness the cabinets are okay, Maytag gas oven is almost new and the fridge seems fine, but no exhaust fan (just bought a floor model Zephyr at deep discount), no dishwasher (probably buying KitchenAId), no disposal, and one, just one, terrible overhead light. The countertop is kind of...flourescent (considering Corian or reclaimed wood). And the floor needs help (thinking about cork).

            So we're hoping to do a moderate reno but keep cabinets...should be interesting. The layout overall is pretty restrictive but there's good storage space. I've been searching the boards for recommendations, happy to take more!