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Nov 25, 1998 01:04 PM

Thanksgiving in LA

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Does anyone know of a restaurant in LA where I can get
a good Thanksgiving dinner?

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  1. j
    jonathan gold

    It might be kind of last minute, but Patina
    always does a good job with Thanksgiving, as
    do Splichal's satellite restaurants (the
    various Pinots, etc.). Old-fashioned, but
    not short of New American accoutrements.

    Or try the hotel restaurants--I particularly
    like the provencal-themed Lavande, in Loewe's Santa
    Monica, these days.

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    1. re: jonathan gold

      Thank you for your recommendations. Unfortunately,
      Thanksgiving did not go according to my wishes this
      year, & I was not able to try any of the places you so
      kindly posted. I plan on visiting them soon.

      I'm fairly new to the LA area and haven't found a
      really good, moderately-priced sushi place yet. You
      know, the kind of place I can visit on a weekly basis.
      I've been to a string of fair places with sloppy sushi
      (just large slabs of fish) and I'm really hankering for
      some excellent sushi/sashimi. If you have any
      suggestions, it would be a lifesaver.

      1. re: Aleece
        jonathan gold

        I don't know what neighborhood you're in,
        but my favorite sushi places in L.A. include:
        Shibucho, in Little Tokyo Square, for absolutely
        impeccable traditional sushi (the Shibucho on
        Beverly Blvd. near Virgil is more of a late-
        night scene, open til 3); Bu San, on Western
        and 2d, for Korean sushi; Tsukiji, down in
        Gardena, for new-style Tokyo sushi; Hakone
        in Torrance (best imaginable Spanish mackerel);
        Sushi Gen in Honda Plaza (good businessman's

        Ginza Sushi-Ko, above the Versace boutique
        on Rodeo Drive, is of course in a league of
        its own--I am still reeling from a fugu lunch
        I had there last year--but also costs about
        $350 a head at dinner, perhaps $150 at lunch.

        1. re: jonathan gold

          Thank you for the suggestions. I live in LA, so
          Torrance seems like a bit of a trek for me (unless you
          say it's not-to-be-missed, then I'm willing to travel
          anywhere). I went to Shibucho over the weekend, which
          was very pleasant & promising. I sampled a limited
          selection of fish (all excellent), so I'm definitely
          planning on a return visit. Does Bu San have Korean-
          style sashimi (w/red pepper sauce, etc.) or is it
          Japanese-style? I would love some hwe dup bap.

        2. re: Aleece
          nathan charles poiro

          Bizen sushi, just west of Woodman and Ventura (you can call 411 for the number). It's a small sushi place next to the Psychic Eye Bookstore.

          The sushi chef's name is Toshi. He knows what he's doing. Wonderful sushi, and he doesn't overcharge.