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Lilikoi / Passion Fruit Juice - Seattle

Does anyone know who might sell Lilikoi / Passion Fruit Juice or concentrate in Seattle? I've checked a few stores and the frozen stuff is usually a mixture of jucies that included Passion Fruit.

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  1. Both Uwajimaya and Maruta (Georgetown) sell cans of Lilikoi/Passion juice by Hawaiian Sun. They also have a plethora of other flavors. The Strawberry-Guava and Passion-Orange are my faves. Ah, the sweet tastes of childhood...

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      Thanks for the info...I'm there!

    2. I pretty sure L&L Hawaiian BBQ sells them too.

      1. FoodDoog, if you can't find it, let me know and I'll try to send you some.

        1. I found some frozen passion fruit puree (100% fruit) at the Mexican market across from Pike Place a while back - they also had a number of other passion fruit juices.

          1. I would look up "health stores" in the yellow book for your area and then call each one to see if they carry Passion Fruit Juice.


            1. Does anyone know where I can buy Lilikoi juice in the NY area? Thanks!!!

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                You should post your request on the NY board instead of PNW for an accurate response.

              2. Plaza Latina on north 99 in Shoreline often has frozen passion fruit pulp from Columbia.

                1. I've seen pasion fruit juice at Big John's PFI