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Dec 11, 2007 06:56 PM

Bodum French Press Chambord vs Shin Bistro [Moved from General Topics board]

Am I missing something? Can someone tell me the difference between these teo items. They both seem to be double wall insulated 8 cup French Press....I can't see the difference besides the price and it obviously LOOKS different..but otherwise what am I missing??

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  1. If it helps, I bought some Bodum glasses. They were so fragile that I was afraid to use them. One broke in my hands when I was washing it!

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      What size glasses do you have? I have the small ones (9 oz I believe), use them daily, wash in dw, take no special care of them & never have any problem with breaking/chipping. In fact, we love them. Apparently the larger sizes are more fragile & break easily...see the reviews on Amazon about this issue.

      In reply to the OP, I've had 2 Bodum French Press coffee makers and 1 Bodum tea press for over ten years. Both are single wall & have served us well. Among my favorite kitchen items, in fact. Not exactly what you asked, but thought this might provide some additional input. I'm tempted by the dbl wall but since my old ones are so good, I've resisted. Glad you asked about this...I'm looking forward to other CHer replies.

    2. The Chambord feels solider and the fit and finish are better. The plunger doesn't wobble at all; it does to varying degrees on the bistro models. Early on, I don't think you'd detect much difference; halfway through the life cycle and the story might be different. The Chambord's metal holder provides more protection for the flask and the feet hold the flask above any spills. Also, the Chambord's handle feels more secure. All in all, the Chambord's a classier act.

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        Thanks carswell for the feedback. Does anyone with a Shin Bistro care to weigh in?

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          Just came across this thread while shopping.
          so which one did you end up buying?. and are you happy with what you bought?.