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Dec 11, 2007 06:49 PM

Toast on Third... never again.

Was in Toast today for breakfast and can safely say that I will never be back. Ever.
First off, when I was ordering my breakfast sandwich I had politely asked, "Is there any mayo in it?" The response was (in a tone that could suggest attitude), "What does it say on the menu?" So, I naively glanced down to read the menu item again (not catching on to the fact that the staff member was being rude) and replied, "Well, it doesn't say anything about mayo or not." To my surprise, the woman then said to me (in the worst attitude possible), "Well then that means there is no mayo."
Why did she have to ask me what it said on the menu? Shouldn't she know? If not, shouldn't she have just looked it up for me and learned for herself since she is actually WORKING there?

I should've left then but I was hungry and just wanted some food.
Then I ordered a Chai Latte to go with it. When my check came, I was surprised to see that it had added up to much over what I had roughly calculated in my head... I thought well, about $10 for the sandwich, and $3.5 for the Chai Latte.
So I looked at my check to see what they actually charged me... About $10 for the sandwich and $5 for the Chai Latte. What was interesting was, EVERY single menu had stated the latte was $3.5... $1.50 difference on an original price of $3.50 is a pretty large difference in percentage.
I alerted them to this and thought that it was just an honest mistake of perhaps charging me the wrong amount. What I said was, "The menu said that the Chai Latte was $3.50 and my check says that it is $5... can you please fix this?" So instead of taking care of the matter, the staff member asked me if I would like to see a manager. So then I thought, "Why would I want to see a manager about this? Just fix it! I'm not asking for a free latte!" At this point, I was a little fed up with this person's attitude so, I said, "Sure, why not... send them over."
So the "manager" comes over and takes a look at my check and says, "I'll be right back." Instead of fixing it, he goes back to the person that had been "helping" me and sends that person back to inform me of the fine print on the very bottom of the LAST page of their menu. It states something like, "menu prices are subject to change, without prior notice."
So, I paid my check... All of it and, now I am just feeling rather bitter and ripped off at the whole experience.
So... about the sandwich and Chai Latte I consumed...
Chai Latte was way too sweet and I really didn't like it all that much but drank it anyway cause it was cold and I was craving a Chai Latte anyway. It certainly is not even half... or even a third as good as Urth Cafe's.
My sandwich though was actually pretty good. The bread was nicely toasted. The tomato, lettuce, and avocado seemed fresh. The cheese was nice and well proportioned to the rest of the sandwich. I hate it when the cheese just dominates and drowns out all the other ingredients... this certainly didn't happen. I also appreciated that they used turkey bacon, because it's a healthier alternative and, the egg was well cooked and not greasy. All in all, not a bad sandwich but, I've had many other breakfast sandwiches that are just as good and I've had a handful of MUCH better breakfast sandwiches as well. So, for me, I'll skip the 'tude and take my money elsewhere.

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  1. I don't know: fine print or not, if the server didn't tell you of the change in price, I doubt if you'd ever be subject to any sort of potential prosecution had you just paid the price stated on the menu for the chai (and the sandwich) and walked out. I think the LAPD or whoever have better things to do than worry about this. I mean, would your response have been different if it was an increase to $20? $5 sounds pricey even if it was good! Besides, I think 'menu prices subject to change' means just that: you can change the menu prices whenever you want; but that doesn't mean you can charge more than the price on the menu!

    by the way, while what the server said the first time was probably attitude, it seems quite possible to me that the server asked you if you would like to see the manager because s/he knew that the manager would respond in the way s/he did (but wanted to try and find a way to let the manager know that the issue was coming up again...I am sure you are not the first person to complain!)

    1. "menu prices are subject to change, without prior notice."

      Yeah, but the menu being presented, you ordering from the menu, and the waiter taking the order without further comment is a contract between you and the restaurant.

      They can change the prices anytime BEFORE, but never AFTER, the contract is made.

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      1. re: RicRios

        You bring up a good point. I forgot to point out that I actually was pointing to each item as I was ordering and, not one word about their huge price hike was mentioned!

      2. Toast has been a huge disappointment since it first opened. The mob of people out front just goes to show you how many folks really don't know what good food and service is, or at least don't recognize the opposite. It's never been a restaurant for Chowhounds, just plain hounds.

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        1. re: wutzizname

          We had a miserable experience and lousy food a year or so ago. I'd never go back and now with the attitude that you report, I'd tell the world. By posting here, I guess you just did! Good for you!

        2. I hope you did not tip at all. In this modern world of cheap printers, there is no reason for menus not to be current.

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          1. re: rednyellow

            I hope you left a penny to send a message.

            ....adds toast to the list of restuarants Ns1 is never going to visit

            1. re: rednyellow

              I totally agree with you. It's not like they had expensive letter pressed menus or anything. It looked like a regular piece of paper with ink printed on it. They could have taken a pen and scratched it out for all I care or, even better... let the customer know that the price has changed if they're ordering the item. Then again, that might be too much for the staff to handle because it seems like they don't even know what's in the food they're selling. Mayo, anyone?

            2. Try "Quality" which is just down the street...better food, better service and it lacks the annoying LA "scene"

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