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Dec 11, 2007 06:03 PM

Lunch at Restaurant Eve worthwhile?

I'm dying to try Restaurant Eve, but I can't afford the tasting menu or dinner. Is it worth it to try their lunch bistro menu? If so, any suggestions?


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  1. Yes, but I haven't been in a while so I don't know what they are serving for lunch anymore!

    1. I would highly recommend the Lickety Split lunch in the bar and lounge. You can get 2 items for $13.50. The food is delicious...bread service too!

      1. I've heard so many good things about Restaurant Eve and we tried it for lunch but I wasn't that impressed. I'm thinking they might have had an off day, food-wise, since so many people here enjoy it. I thought the service was great, though.

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          I've had the opposite experience: I've done the Lickety Split lunch twice, and while the food was fine, in neither case was "Lickety Split" a reasonable description--the second visit took 45 minutes, the first a whopping 70 (and I'm not the sort to linger over a lunch). The food was good, but nothing earth-shattering; if the service was actually as fast as it's supposed to be, it would be a fine value and I'd probably be there semi-regularly, but as it is, it just doesn't seem worth the hype to me, either.

          Restaurant Eve
          110 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

        2. I agree the name leads one to believe you'll be in and out...but remember..this isn't Bennigan's and you will be having 2 courses (or a drink and a dish which would probably be quicker). This is hands down one of the best lunch deals around. Compare to Le Paradou at $32-$33. Even if you added dessert to your 2 courses you wouldn't come near that price (believe me, after 2 courses there's no room!).
          This is a not-to-be-misses lunch opportunity if you have some flexibility in your schedule. For many that doesn't happen too often but when time allows, it's a joy.
          If you are on a tight schedule....tell the server/bartender right away so they may expidite your meal as much as possible to get you on your way.
          Here's a report from a recent visit:

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            Perhaps this will get a new thread sometime, but has anyone tried the "Royal Pick" lunch special at Majestic, Eve's sister restaurant? I plan to go to the Lickety Split again this Friday, but am thinking about trying Majestic.
            Royal Pick info here: