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Dec 11, 2007 05:51 PM

Good Ramen in Los Angeles with Peppery Broth

Hi Guys,

I did a search for Ramen but I didnt find what I was looking for. There is a place in Berkeley up in the bay area that makes this peppery broth thats slightly spicy and fairly light in color and i'm wondering if you guys know of anywhere that does similar down here. I'd also love a place that has great fried rice and gyoza.

Westside prefered but willing to travel .

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  1. Nope, what you described sounds really unique- i've never seen anything like this ramen here in LA, and i'm a fan of spice and pepper both in mine.

    1. which place are you talking of in berkeley? maybe there's something comparable but would need a a little more info...

      1. I usually put a lot of white pepper in my ramen soup to spice it up. Try doing that and see if that works. Santouka is the place to go for best ramen on the westside.

        1. Listen to Rameniac... He is THE authority on ramen on this board and has the "street cred" to boot.

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            aww lol, thanks J.L., i do what i can. but serio, to the OP, i'm curious what kind of soup/base was this? shoyu, miso, shio, tonkotsu can all be peppery in the right context. or if you just load it up with the white pepper at the table =)!

            1. re: rameniac

              I didn't ever put pepper into it. The name of the ramen place is Ryowa Ramen. is the yelp link. I don't know what kind of broth it is made with. They also have wonderful gyoza and fried rice at the same place.

              1. re: rameniac

                In more reading it would appear that it has a sesame broth

                1. re: Psiweaver

                  ahhh ok. i had a feeling you were talking about ryowa, if only because it seems to be the popular ramen shop in berkeley that all my cal friends used to tell me about.

                  i've only been to the mt. view location and to be honest, it wasn't quite my bag. there's been some talk that it's under different ownership these days, but i haven't been to the cal location to make a comparison.

                  anyway, you like what you like, and unfortunately there's nothing quite like ryowa's sesame ramen down here (as far as i can recall). it strikes me as something of a modified miso ramen, heavy loaded on the goma.

                  here's my review of the mt. view branch (apologies, i totally skewered the place):


                  but don't let that stop you. if you find something similar or to your liking, be sure to tell us about it!

                  btw if you're looking for good fried rice, hakata ssg's takana fried rice is quite to my liking. as for gyoza? i've alway liked daikokuya, although there have been rumblings about a slippage in quality lately...

                  1. re: rameniac

                    Okay thanks for the help. I hear the mountain view place isn't nearly as good as the one in Berkeley. But who knows. I'll have to look around down here I guess. Its just one of those things for me where i get a huge craving for that broth in particular.

            2. Most ramen places let you control the spiciness.