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dinner w boss & wife who've eaten everywhere

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my wife and I have to take stuffy boss & wife out to dinner. problem is they eat out 5 nights a week and have eaten everywhere well known. they seem to rely on us to take them to small places they've never been. of course, still must be excellent! help... we're running out of ideas.

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  1. You'll save a lot of wasted posts if you list the places they've already been and the places you took them to that they liked.

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          Are they still open I couldn't get a number

        2. anne burrell's new place in the west village, centro vinoteca, sounds interesting. she's batali's sous chef on iron chef america. haven't been yet but she's on the radar.
          here's a link:

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            not impressed by Anne Burrell. I can't seem to understand the hype surrounding her.

            1. re: dkstar1

              Ditto. I posted a report. To be fair we went when it was still new.

          2. Death & Co. in east village?

            More of a lounge with good food.


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              Call first. They might or might not be open - it changes moment to moment.


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                Yeah, I read that, too. They implied that it would be wrapped up by the weekend but calling ahead is a good idea and I should have said so. Thanks again.

            2. This calls out for Chinatown. How about Amazing 66? Or for something completely different: Dinosaur

              1. this is a no-brainer. sakagura on east 43rd st. you'll get a promotion for introducing them to this (literally) underground gem.

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                  Along the same lines: Aburiya Kinnosuke. Incredible izakaya filled with Japanese businessmen and in-the-know foodies. Introduce them to dishes they've never had before, but are bound to love.
                  Aki sushi in the W Village is also unique, the chef is from Japan via the Caribbean where he worked as a private chef - so those tropical flavors are incorporated into the nicely crafted, flavorful small plate dishes.
                  Like Tay said, what are your boss' usual spots like, and what are his taste preferences?

                2. What about Itzocan - up on Lexington and 101st? The food is excellent, reasonably priced, usually no problem to bring your own wine to supplement their not so great list.

                    1. Mas (farmhouse).. not a lot of people know about it as being amazing. Allen and Delancey is pretty new so maybe they haven't been. Tasting room?

                      1. I second doona's suggestion of Allen and Delancey. I was there last week and was very happy with my meal. Most of the dishes were perfectly prepared, and the flavors were spot-on. The only drawback was the the menu was fairly small, so in one visit I had pretty much tried everything.

                        However, with the delicious food I will be happy to go back and order the same dishes again!

                        1. Also, does it have to be in Manhattan? You can get a lot of suggestions on the OB board that might meet your "excellent, but they've never been" criteria.

                          1. bar blanc-it just opened this week so chances are they wont have been there yet...

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                              Bar Blanc - not open till Saturday I heard. What about the new Smith's on MacDougal?

                              Centro Vinoteca is excellent and very "swanky" a good place to take a boss. Make sure you have the taralucci for dessert.

                              Gottino also recently opened..

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                                Casa Mono
                                Allen and Delancy would be a slam dunk if they havent been

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                                I thought Centro Vinoteca was very tasty but it was really, really loud. If they're stuffy they might have an issue with that.

                              3. Falai. Haven't tried Allen & Delancey but it's on my list.

                                1. hispaniola 181 st washington heights,

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                                    Bar Boulud (just opened)
                                    Very trendy