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Dec 11, 2007 04:36 PM

South Bay -- Looking for private to semi-private rooms - pref. Izakaya or Korean BBQ


It is my SO's 30th birthday this weekend (yes, I am a poor planner!). Looking for restaurants in the south bay with semi or private rooms for larger groups (not sure how many but under 12). Was hoping to get the Chanko room next to Shin Sen Gumi yakitori but it is booked. Does anyone know of any fun places that offer this that I may not ahve found yet? Izakaya style or korean bbq preferred but open to anything! Shabu Shabu would be fun too ...


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  1. Not South Bay, but Yong Su San might fit the bill. They serve multi-course Korean banquet food, and have only private rooms. Their website is here: .

    Yong Su San Restaurant
    950 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

    1. For Korean BBQ there are private rooms (low table as I re-call) at Shilla 16944 Western in Gardena 323-770-3858. Have not been in a while but it is well established and we have always enjoyed.

      1. how large do you need the rooms?

        8 or less look no further than japonica in redondo beach.

        1. There is an izakaya in Torrance - sorry can't remember the name - that has a private room for about 8-10. Its in the same center as the Circuit City/ B of A on Crenshaw and PCH.

          I've been there a few times, and its pretty good, though I prefer Musha and Shin Sen Gumi.