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Dec 11, 2007 04:16 PM

Crabs near(ish) to Dover DE

I'm a former DE resident, now living in California, and coming back to the Dover area for the holidays. I'll have my husband in tow and I'd like to introduce him to a true Maryland crab feast. The problem is...I haven't lived in the area in almost a decade and am not sure where to go. Restaurant suggestions would be preferred, but any suggestions on where to get already steamed crabs for take out would be okay, too. Though I'd like to keep it close to Dover, I don't mind driving if the quality warrants it. Thanks for any and all feedback!

And happy holidays!

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  1. I only know the Lewes/Rehoboth area. Lazy Susan's (on Route 1 just past the turn for the ferry) really packs them in. For takeout, I would suggest Jimmy Lynn's in the same block. I am not a steamed crab person, but Jimmy's has good crab cakes and fresh fish and does a great takeout business.

    1. Boondocks in Smyrna is well known for their crabs. It's one of those places where they cover the table in paper, give you a hammer and let you go to town.

      Unfortunately they are only open Fri & Sat during the winter and crabs are out of season right now (I think)