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Dec 11, 2007 02:58 PM

Calgary - Pretty, Yummy Cakes

I need to get a cake for about ten or twelve people. I want something nicer than the type of thing you'd get at the bakery section at Safeway. I need to be able to pick it up on a weekday morning, and the bakery (as I assume it will probably come from a bakery) must be accessible by public transport! Any ideas? I'm not going to be eating it, so I can't express any flavour preference. I guess chocolate is always good!

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  1. Brulee has some pretty amazing cakes. I'm not sure about public transport but they are at 722 11th ave.

    1. Which part of the city were you taking it to? Public transport covers a lot of territory - that could be inconvenient if you had to carry a cake for 2 hours on buses and CT.

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        I'm willing to take transit for two hours... a lot of trips around Calgary take that long! I live in residence at U of C and have to take it to a school near the Chinook or Heritage C-Train station.

        1. re: Jetgirly

          The mid-town Co-op on 11th has a superb selection. Upscale & beautifully decorated as well....

        2. re: yen

          I like Sunterra's tiramisu cake -- pretty, well-priced, and the 10" size is enough for twelve people. If you order ahead of time, you can get it pretty fresh. It's closer to a cake with mascarpone filling than tiramisu, though. They have a number of different cakes in different sizes.

          There are a couple of Sunterra locations downtown. The one in Bankers' Hall is not too far from the C-Train line (one block over and one floor up).

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            There is a Sunterra on one of the bus routes to Heritage Station (I think it's called Britannia or something...). That's a good idea! Maybe I will start at Brulee and if nothing there works out, I can continue on the bus to that Sunterra...

        3. From the uni, what about hitting up one of the Crave locations, either Kensington or the new one on 17th.Super easy to take on the bus/c-train. That way you can pick up a variety of flavors too. Im a teacher and everyone loves cupcakes! Super easy clean-up if they are for the kids and easy to eat on the go for the staff. Trust me our eyes light up when we see these come in the staffroom!

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            I thought about Crave but I've observed this group of teachers in their natural habitat for months, and they have DEFINITELY expressed a preference for sweets that aren't as icing-heavy as Crave cupcakes. It sucks, because that is really easy on public transport!

          2. Is Manuel Latruwe easy to get to on the bus? It's just at the end of 17th Ave. THey have great cakes, not icing heavy, beautiful, and you can order ahead. They are definitely open early on weekdays. ANd you can pick up some amazing croissants for yourself as well!

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              Manuel Latruwe is a not far from the Stampede LRT station... just don't walk around in that area after dark.

              Jetgirly, ya know Crave does cakes too-

              1. re: John Manzo

                Nectar makes great cakes as well. Not sure how convienient it is on transit though.


                1. re: CJL

                  I second Nectar or Manuel Latruwe but this time of year I'd definitely call ahead. :)

            2. For proximity to C-Train, i'd +1 Brulee, Latruwe, and the Coop Midtown Market (this is also the most affordable option!). Their cakes are actually quite good.

              I'd throw Decadent Desserts on there (across from the MEC). I've used them once or twice.