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Sauce in Glastonbury

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Apparently now open. Looking in from outside Sunday morning looked like a comfortable environment. Anyone ventured in yet?

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  1. Never heard of it. What's the scoop?

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      Sauce is (or will be) a restaurant in the new Eriktown Building on Hebron Avenue next to Luna Pizza. There has been asign up for months saying it will open soon but it never looked like much was going on there. Did see some action but like I said below it did not look ready to open. Jay

    2. Sauce is open??? I drove by there not long ago and it looked far from ready. Jay

      1. I just talked to the owner. I called the telephone number listed on the Eric Town Square website which is his cell phone and he told me that the restaurant opened quietly last Wednesday for dinner. They will begin serving lunch tomorrow. He said the place came out "awesome". I look forward to checking it out. Jay

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          thanks for the info...another new restaurant to try!

        2. FYI - just read in the paper today that in that same area they will also be adding a new japanese restaurant and another Plan B

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            The Eric Town Square website says that there will be a Sky Roof-Top Restaurant and Bar and Phase Two American Bistro in the center. The Sky Roof-Top will be in the rear builfding and I believe it will have a large outdoor terrace. You can see it if you look at the top floor of the building. Not sure where Phase Two will be. Jay

          2. We went tonight (12/20). We were glad we had made a reservation, because the place was filled. We were quite impressed, particularly considering they have been open for less than 2 weeks. We thought the food was very good (we ordered Italian chop salad, short ribs, rack of veal with wild mushrooms). For dessert, we had the wonderful "coconut cream pie" (not like a slice of pie, but layers of pastry and filling, same as what the chef had made when he was at Azul in W.Hartford). Attractive decor. Noisy.

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              My wife and I tried Sauce on Wednesday. Very impressive space! Elegant, hip, and casual. Very large bar (over 30 seats side by side directly at the bar). Upscale Italian oriented, prices to match, but nice selection of less expensive alternatives. Service was perfect! My beef shortrib was good, but the polenta underneath, described as "creamy", was the texture of coarsely smashed potatoes (disappointing). My wife's "Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp" Primi was just plain wrong, though. I tasted it and I think at least one of the shrimp had issues. I will not hesitate to give it another try, though. BTW, they will have music, I think they said Thu, Fri, Sat, possibly featuring performers from Hartt School of Music.
              Here are a couple of crudely scanned pages of their menu that they were kind enough to give me.

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                Sorry the menus came out so small. I'll try to repost larger ones.

            2. Had lunch today at Sauce and found it to be very good. It is a bit pricier than other restaurants in town but the food was plentiful and the decor was beautiful. We had linguni with meatballs and the portions were huge for lunch. Found the pasta to be a bit over cooked (prefer it to be al-dente) but the meatballs, the bread with tomato dipping sauce and their sauce was excellent. Service was excellent as well. Ran into a caterer I know there as we were walking in and they raved about it. Thought it was odd that a chef would be eating out but they said they liked to be served as well. Anyway, I do highly recommend the place for lunch. Will probably return again soon. Jay

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                thanks for the review i'm hoping to get there soon and at least sit at the bar for a glass of wine and some snacks...

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                  Sauce offers some interesting "Chicetti" options that look wonderful. I have been told it is a great place to stop in the evening and listen to music (they have live piano every night). Seems to be doing well so far. Jay

              2. A coworker went to Sauce with a large group (10 people) on Saturday night. They had made reservations over a week before and even went in to select a table. When they showed up they were told that their reservation had been canceled by telephone. When asked if the restaurant called to try confirm this with the telephone number on the reservation the hostess said they did, but the person they said they talked to was not home so they could not have talked to anyone.

                The hostess told them that they would work to get them a table. The bar was full and there was no place for the party to stand but at the front door. Also, the staff did not think to ask a waitress to at least take drink orders from the group. Soneone in the group eventually asked the hostess to do this. After an hour wait they got a table but not the one they had preselected. Once seated, dinner was fabulous and the restaurant comped the group for drinks and dessert for their troubles. Needless to say, the coworker is highly recommending the place, even though there was a problem with the reservation and seating. Jay

                1. There is an absolutely wonderful rave review of Sauce in today's Hartford Courant. The reviewer compares it to her favorite restaurant in Florence! glad to hear this but with a rave review like that you won't be able to get near the place now. Gee, I wonder if this means Glastonbury is becoming the next West Hartford Center??? Jay

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                    I was thinking the same thing (that it would be impossible to get in) after reading that article. I've yet to go. Hopefully the reservation incident that you spoke of was isolated!

                  2. I've been with my family and I really liked it!

                    I thought the menu was mentally refreshing compared to the zillions of pizza places and pasta + red sauce places in glastonbury. I loved the white anchovy chicchetti(sp?) and braised beef short ribs!