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Dec 11, 2007 02:14 PM

Help me pick the right restaurant

Ok, here's a challange. I have an 81 year old nut. He walks 6 miles /day and follows a very strict low salt, low fat , low sugar diet. He will only eat whole grains, nonfat dairy, fish and a little poultry. NO red meat. Loves fresh fruits and veggies. He eats a ton of garlic, drinks green tea and supplements his diet w flax seed and Co Q 10.He lives on a fixed income and NEVER eats out. He has trouble justifying the high price of whole grain versions of regular foods like ww pasta and low salt bread so he dosn;t buy them. I just put together a TJ's goodie bag filled w whole grains, figs, garlic, lentils, greek yogurt, evoo for him for Christmas.. I want to take him to lunch but I'm having trouble coming up w a place that has food he would eat and enjoy. I live North of Boston but would take him in town too. Any ideas???

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  1. i don't know whether to envy or pity this man.

    1. I am sure this is not tha answer you want,but I do not think there is any place that will satisfy. In this circumstance I would make a home coooked lunch of his favorite items and invite him to my house for lunch.

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      1. Veggie Planet in Harvard Square might do the trick.

        1. Maybe Rendevous in Central Square?

          1. Maybe take him to the Buddhist center on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, between Central and Harvard. Haven't been personally, but folks have talked about the surprisingly good quality of the food there. Here's an earlier discussion -

            Isn't there also that place in Waltham?

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              I think Asian in some form may be the way to go for your wonderful, vibrant friend! I was just about to suggest the Buddhist Center as well. Austere, but a peaceful and inexpensive lunch. Somehow, Tibetan feels virtuous to me - there's the delicious lunch buffet at Rangzen, or if you are in the mood for Nepalese, Kathmandu Spice in Arlington (where I enjoyed a delicious dinner recently; never tried lunch there, but I think Striper Guy has some good experiences? Prav or Aromatherapy might also be able to chime in). My Thai in Brookline for faux meat, done Thai-style. May's Cafe in Allston might also be a charming lunch spot for your friend.