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Dec 11, 2007 02:09 PM

Dusty's, Blair's, Canele...or???

We're meeting some friends at the Dresden Room for drinks on Friday night, but wanted to have dinner beforehand. Thinking about possibly Dusty's or Blair's or Canele --- but am open to other suggestions. Thanks!!

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  1. Canele is probably the best of the four (Dresden Room serves food as well -- acceptable if you like old school steakhouse food but nothing to write home about -- probaly the worst of the four). I've not had dinner at Dusty's in a long time (just brunch / lunch) but it struck me as overpriced the last time I did. Cafe Stella serves better food at a similar price.

    Much closer to Dresden: Vermont and Il Capriccio are both okay.

    Sorry I'm not more enthusiastic. None of these is a destination restaurant.

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    1. re: HPLsauce

      I know -- we're coming from West Hollywood so actually anything on the way would be fine. We've been to Vermont, Il Capriccio and also eaten at the Dresden so looking to try something new and interesting, and of course great food.

    2. Blair's is definitely the best out of those imo. I have always had nothing but excellent meals there. Probably one of the most underrated restaurants in LA. Canele is also very good.

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        I second blair's. It is a nice neighorhood spot. Canele isn't bad either. You can't go wrong with either choices.

        I think blair's is to silverlake as joe's is to Venice.

        Its funny. Foodies claim LA doesnt have enough true high quality neighorhood spots, but places like Violet in Santa Monica, Joe's in Venice, Hatfields in Mid-city, and blair's or canele get constantly overlooked.

      2. If you're at Dresden for drinks, across the street and down a couple doors is Mes Amis, a new french place. It is next to Tiger Lilly, two doors down from Il Capriccio. I've only been there once, a couple weeks ago, but it was very very good. I had the rabbit and am still thinking about it.

        1. Canele. Blair's is a bit over-priced for what you get (IMHO).

          Not sure why Canele gets bashed around on the Chowhound boards, but I love it.

          Having said that... you could do a lot worse than Gingergrass. And if it's crowded, have them call you while you get a drink at Silver Lake Wine across the street.

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          1. re: blacksab67

            Another vote for Canele.Like blacksab67 (and many others) I love it. I had people in town around Thanksgiving, different sets at different times and as it is close, I went twice that week. The food just gets better and better. I like Blair's a lot, but Canele is much better, in my opinion. You cannot make reservations, but even when it is packed, you rarely wait over 15/20 minutes, and you can drink wine while you wait.

            1. re: blacksab67

              Firstly, no more tastings at Silver Lake Wine until after the first of the year.
              Secondly, Canele is less expensive than Blairs, but the food is not as good, nor are the portions as large, and the wine selection is nowhere near as good. But I do like both of them, nonetheless.
              Dusty's should not be included on the list, yet for similar quality food, add Cliff's Edge which has tons more atmosphere, yet its large patio can be cold on nights like these, though they do have good heaters.
              And as to Dresden, the prime rib has always been good if that option remains on the table, assuming you are not vegetarian!!!

              1. re: carter

                While I still think Canele is better than Blairs, I agree with Carter that Cliff's Edge is also well worth a visit. Lovely place and I like the food.

            2. Have you considered Edendale Grill?
              I had one average and one horrible meal at Dusty's for what it's worth.
              I have not been to Canele but have high hopes and have heard good things. The reality, however, is the "higher end" restaurant choices in the area are lacking.

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