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Dec 11, 2007 02:08 PM

4 nights in Manhattan - need help deciding dinner spots

I have reservations at Gotham, EMP, Cru, Babbo, Degustation, and A Voce. Between the first 3 listed, which should I choose? I have an early reservation at Gotham and could go for appetizers before going to either EMP or Cru. Is A Voce and Degustation a good choice for days 3 and 4? I'm traveling with another Chef and we like to see as many dishes and restaurants as we can. Daytime is for dim sum, pizza, a great sandwich, good ethnic... Thanks

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  1. I vote for Cru. I like EMP but between the two I think Cru is more consistently reliable. Gotham is nice but not in the same league as the others.

    1. a voce is worth it. i'm always satisfied everytime i go. haven't been to the others yet. you should definitely try new green bo during the day for their soup dumplings and also check out either eastern noodles or super taste for their hand-pulled noodles. super taste also has the best steamed dumplings.

      1. Definitely choose EMP over Cru and Gotham. Daniel Humm is a very talented chef and the room and the service are unparalelled right now in NYC. Especially if you are traveling with a chef.

        Go to Tia Pol for one of your daytime eats.

        1. Do not miss Eleven Madison Park and do not not order the pork belly. DH is in the kitchen right now, preparing your meal, and that will not be the case a year from now. If you go to A Voce on day 3 and you don't order the duck meatballs, you blew it.