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Dec 11, 2007 01:51 PM

Where should I take a California relative to eat in Austin?

My sister in law is coming to Austin tomorrow for a few days. What's a good place thats quintessentially Austin? I have my usual list but what wondering what gem is out there that I've never been to. It could be swanky, a hole in the wall or anything in between.

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  1. Since she's from CA, I would recommend Hudson's on the Bend. It's a rather long drive but the food is superb and very 'Austin-y'. Awesome service but be prepared to spend some dollars on this meal as they aren't exactly cheap.

    1. While there are better BBQ places around, for atmosphere, my favorite is still the Salt Lick out in Driftwood. To me, that is quintessential Austin.

      Las Manitas for breakfast would be a good time as well.