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Dec 11, 2007 01:34 PM

Middle Eastern - "Hot Pink" Pickled Radishes

Chowhounders - what do you call the "hot pink" colored pickled radishes that middle eastern restaurants serve as condiments (Zankou and California Pita serve them)? They are usually cut in slices/sticks and I think they are made out of radishes and I have no idea what makes them that bright pink color. Do you know where I can get them on my own in the Westside?

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  1. They are often beets and/or radishes.

    In Arabic, they are called "mekhallel" and in Iranian they are called "torshi". Both terms simply translate to "pickles". You can usually find them in jars in Middle Eastern markets next to the other pickled vegetables. Jordan Market on Westwood has a good selection.

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      In Armenian they're called "ttu" -- pronounced "tuh-TOO" -- and can refer to any pickled vegetable. You can buy them from Cafe Bravo in Glendale if you don't have luck at a store.

    2. I think they're turnips

      in any case, Jon's market has them as do most of the armenian delis.

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        They are pickled turnips and it is beet juice that colors them pink.

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          That is correct... give the man a turnip!

      2. Red-dyed pickled turnips. I don't know where they're available on the West side, but a number of Armenian groceries have them both at their deli counters and in jars. My wife got a jar at Superking which we haven't finished two months later. . .

        1. they are pickled turnips. very easy to make at home. my wife and lebanese in-laws do it all the time.

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            just take it easy with those things. they're really addictive. one winter i bought a giant jar and ate them everyday for a few days like the world was going to end. i ended up over salted and bloated with crazy stomach cramps from overdosing on pickled items. one pickle at a time...

          2. I'm glad that others were able to help because I tell em to skip the pickles and pile on extra chilis!