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Dec 11, 2007 01:28 PM

Carson City Thai: Thai Spice Kitchen or The Basil?

My family and I were up at David Walley's last week again, and wanted some Thai food (okay, I wanted Thai food) - I looked on this board and found either Thai Spice Kitche or The Basil recommended, but didn't get a chance to ask which was better - we ended up at TSK getting takeout (1 year old was cranky) - we got a red pork curry, chicken larb, beef stirfry with basil and peppers, and shrimp spring rolls -

We asked for Medium on the spicy stuff (larb, beef stir fry), and mild on the curry. Out of all those dishes, the beef stir fry was the worst (and it was a white board special!) - the larb was the best, albeit wasn't that spicy at all. The curry was in the middle, but it could have used more vegetables and meat.

Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes? It seemed like the kitchen and place is being run by Thai people, but the dishes seemed a little Americanized. Maybe I'm just used to the Thai places in the Bay Area.

Is The Basil better?

BTW, is the sushi place next to TSK any good?

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  1. To me, the Thai Spice Kitchen is much better. But I know people who swear by The Basil. I don't care much for Thai Spice Kitchen curry dishes but the beef with basil and chicken with basil have been good in the past. Not at all Americanized. In fact, one of the least Americanized Thai restaurants in the area. I don't know what happened.