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Dec 11, 2007 01:20 PM

San Diego: wine list at Oceanaire

I see that the interesting post about Oceanaire has vanished, but I want to address one of the op's primary complaints: the prices on the wine list

I have dined at Oceanaire probably 6 times, ordering wine for the table on every visit. I have never ordered a bottle of wine at Oceanaire priced at more than $50.00. My practice is to keep the wine under $40.00/bottle if possible. I recall Oceanaire had no shortage of wines in my price range, and with enjoyable results.

It bothered me to see such inaccuracies posted on the board.


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  1. The Oceanaire thread has been moved to the "Chains" board

    1. I was interested in your comment too as I swear when I stood looking over my husbands shoulder as he pointed out to what we were ordering I was surprised..ans as it was my employer I was cooncerned we were ordeing something so exppensive.. My husband pointed to the top of the domestic reds where the least was.. as I remember 88.00. We felt ok when my employer ordered a $100.00.which he wouldnt have normally done at all either.. I was intrigued so went on their website for the wine..alas no prices.. How did all three of us miss something less? We all had been drinking so the expense on the wine was wasted.. maybe the less expensive were in another region?That gives me hope as I was very surprised..

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        Sometimes restaurants will have multiple wine lists, with one being a short list that is often in the higher price range. Maybe that's what happened?

      2. That posting bothered me too. Seemed a little contrived. I've never had a problem ordering very good wines at Oceanaire for less than $50.00.

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        1. re: southernitalian

          My advice, when looking for a value on a wine list, is to look at the import selection...
          values are found in South America, Spain, Rhone Valley and some italian regions... Tempranillo, Malbec, Gigondas... great wines that should be under $50 on any list... For whites, why not try a gruner, pinot gris, gewurztraminer? Again, usually always under $50...
          The fact of the matter is that CA Cabernet, Pinot and Chardonnay are getting more and more expensive. I know first hand since I do purchase wine for restaurant... rarely do I taste a fantastic CA cabernet for under $30 retail price....I have not been to the Oceanaire in over a year but I clearly recall a good wine list that had a wide range of prices...

        2. ok so you guys made me feel as if I was seeing things.. I just called Ocenaire and spoke to the manager.. Apparently the wines are listed on the back of menu,which we were all unaware of.. and when there was not a wine list offered we asked for one.. which was indeed 'the captains book' where the red wines did start at $88.00..
          so to me their only mistake was not telling anyone that the regular wine list was on the back. Out of our party of 9 no one knew or saw this.. a somewhat costly .. not error..but episode ?...oh well time I will know when offered an expensive book to look into it further

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          1. re: butterbutt

            I'm so glad you clarified that so the rest of us won't make the same mistake. They REALLY should have told you that.