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Dec 11, 2007 01:09 PM

Dinner help needed tonight

GW Fins, Dominique, Irene's, or Bistro at Maison DeVille. Which one?

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    1. well...GW
      but if you really want italian hit Irene's
      But get yourself some good nola seafood at GW

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      1. re: jamielynn

        Irene's is a favorite, but be prepared to wait

        1. re: idreamoffood

          After your meal, you should also be prepared to say that it wasn't at all worth the wait. For me, its just overpriced and nothing special.

      2. You've likely headed out already, but I wanted to post my vote for GW Fins. My husband and I are currently vacationing in New Orleans from Los Angeles. It's been one big easy culinary binge! Last night, my hubby had the wood grilled scallops with mushroom risotto and a perfectly balanced delicate mushroom sauce (composed with just the right hint of porcini). It was all so absolutely scrumptious one wished to burst out singing in joy! As an appetizer, we had the lobster mousseline ravioli, also divine. Our salads were just so-so; my husband's arugula and bibb was over-dressed which drowned it out, and my Fall Salad could have been more carefully composed. But these minor lapses did not count - they serve tiny little biscuits which were so yummy I snuck an uneaten one into my bag to have with this morning's coffee. As for my entree - I also went with the wood grilled fish - pompano seems to be on offer in NOLA (had it at Galatoire's the day before at lunch).

        The menu changes daily at GW Fins; it's also a nice switch from Creole food, bit of a palate cleanser. And the ambience is superb - spacious and modern, with cozy elevated booths encircling the central dining area.