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Dec 11, 2007 01:09 PM

Delivered treat for 10 - Vancouver

I am in Toronto but work with a team of 10 people in Downtown Vancouver. They're super busy and have been doing a great job. I want to have something delivered to the office to help get them through the day. Perhaps it's bagels and muffins for breakfast or some sort of sugary treat platter in the afternoon. I need to be able to order it/pay for it from Toronto. Where would you suggest I send my business?

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  1. Brioche is the answer. You can go the their web site, print and then fax in your order. Deliver is free with a 35.00 order.

    401 West Cordova Street, Vancouver
    Tel: 604-682-4037
    Fax: 604-682-4036

    Cuisine: Pacific Northwest, Italian, French
    Price: $10 or Less

    Excerpts from Brioche Urban Baking and Catering's website:

    1. Sciue
      800 W. Pender St #110, Vancouver
      Cuisine: Cafe, Bakery, Pizza
      Price: $10 or Less
      Sciué Italian Bakery & Caffé is Roman Street Food, served in a great enviornment, in the traditional Italian way; both good... and fast (or Sciue!


      For Sweet Treats:
      Butter Baked Goods
      They are not downtown, but imagine that they could arrange delivery/courier for you.
      The homemade marshmallow and the lemon loaf are my number one picks.