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Dec 11, 2007 01:05 PM

Chen Chow in B'ham

Has anyone been? Thoughts? Heard the decor and atmosphere are great but how's the food? So far mixed reviews.

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  1. Are you talking about the place on Old Woodward next to Buca? I didn't realize it was open yet.

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    1. re: grouper

      yes, that's the one. the old pampas churrascaria.

    2. Six of us will be going Saturday night...
      But I know some friends who went last Saturday night -- they said the food was great--tons of choices, that it was packed and a total scene (a Camerons-like crowd), and that the service was a little slow but that the staff kept bringing them free sushi to apologize for the delays.

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        did you make it there on saturday night? was gonna check it out last friday but the buggers closed for a private party...BOO! ended up checking out ronin instead.

        1. re: hoi polloi

          Yes, I did, we were a party of 6. We all rather enjoyed the people watching as it was a major scene. And I mean major.
          The restaurant decor is really beautiful. It is obvious that no expense was spared.
          We got a couple sushi dishes for appetizers, plus tuna tartare from the regular menu, and all were excellent. One woman got a salad which she raved about.
          For dinner, we had several sea basses, a snapper, and a filet. Everyone was happy with their dinners (except the snapper orderer was disappointed that it was so heavily fried when the menu said "flash fried). However, we all enjoyed the sushi so much most of us agreed that we'd probably get solely sushi next time.
          Yes, there will be a next time!

          1. re: cherie

            Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I think we'll wait until after Christmas and maybe it won't be so busy.
            Does anyone know if this place is a chain?

            1. re: cherie

              sounds excellent. im definitely a big seabass fan myself. how is it prepped? im glad they'll be available on opentable so at least i can get points when i make reservations.

              1. re: hoi polloi

                The sea bass had an Asian flare, very lightly miso glazed, with dainty gourmet veggies on the plate as well as rice. My husband's filet was Asian spiced and was accompanied by wasabi mashed potatoes.
                As for Open Table, that is how I made my reservations, but now the site says that Chen Chow will not be taking internet reservations again until January 2.

                1. re: cherie

                  I had the seabass, there was no miso. The plate was a joke, a piece of overcooked fish on a plate with some undercooked cold veggies and dry rice in a side bowl. What's asian about tomato and capers or is that fusion?

        2. interesting read on mlive

          the owner is a partner in mosaic in greektown which is a great place. i look forward to trying this place.

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          1. The dining room is indeed absolutely beautiful, but the food is far from beauty. You can't eat the decor. The filet looked like it was prepared by Jack The Ripper as it had 4 slashes in it !?!? It came with wasabi mashed potatoes with zero structure and even less flavor with seven rocks disguised as vegetables. The 1980s confetti garnish around the plate was of DRIED parsley and paprika, i'm still picking pomegranate seeds out of my teeth. It My wife ordered the Red Snapper, I mean the Tilapia, and it came as two giant fish sticks with a chunky ketchup plus seven more rocks. The sushi was raw fish on overcooked rice. The service was unremarkable. Chen Chow should really get their act together. If you want to be seen this is the place to be. But if you want a great meal go to Cameron's and pretty much everywhere around has better sushi. What a joke.

            1. I was there on Saturday the 15th, before the private party got underway. Agree with all posters that it was a SCENE - very "birmingham, look at me"... There was even security at the door. We had great food - calimari app, sushi, the shrimp dish and the sea bass - loved it all. My only gripe was that the valet guys had no control over their process and everyone was waiting 30+ minutes to get there cars - at it was only 8:30 pm. I mentioned something to the hostess and she wouldn't go find the the manager for me. Hopefully they get that worked out. But I'd go again for the food.