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Dec 11, 2007 12:59 PM

Take-out in Forest Hills

I am new to the neighborhood and am looking for good take-out of all kinds. I'm closer to the 75th subway stop than to the 71st/Continental stop. Any suggestions? I just moved from Park Slope and don't want to go through withdrawal. Thanks.

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  1. Most places seem to be on the south side of the Boulevard...all of these are.

    Peking Duck Forest - "American" (not downtown Flushing-type) Chinese restaurant that does take-out and delivery
    Latin Cabana Express - Cuban basically take-out, but they may do delivery through some service
    The Family Restaurant - restaurant that does take-out - not sure about delivery
    A & J Pizza - Pizza place that also serves meals and does take-out and deliveries

    There are many others, but I don't do much take-out/order in. If I think of More, I will add...

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    1. re: Shayna Madel

      La Cabana Express -- on Austin one block west of Ascan -- does great Cuban food. It's my favorite eatery in FH. Since they only have 6 stools they specialize in take-out and they also deliver.

    2. Pinang is a Malaysian restaurant near your stop that has take-out and delivery. For a good cheap takeout dinner, get off a stop early at Continental and buy from the Halal guy on the street.

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        I did not think of the Halal guy, but his stuff is definitely good and definitely cheap. I guess I am not the only one who calls him "Halal guy." Does anyone know his name?

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          All good recommendations, but I definitely add an enthusiastic second to Pinang. Great food and if you order from the rice or noodle menu, incredibly affordable.

        2. I second the recommendation of La Cabana Express, definitely a great addition to the neighborhood (in fact, I am eating the leftovers for dinner tonite). The Greek place on Austin ( the one upstairs whose name momentarily escapes me) will deliver also. Dh and I did it once and the food that we got didn't travel so well, but a friend of mine did it once for a lunch (stuck to salads and kebabs and the like) and it was very successful. (I've had lunch there a few times and the food is quite good.) IMHO don't waste your money on Peking Duck Forest. It is way overpriced and the food is nothing special. Welcome!

          1. I grew up in Forest Hills... and now I live in Brooklyn, so I understand your predicament.

            Mehak is a great Indo-Pak place on right off Lefferts Boulevard on Austin Street (near the great independent movie theater). They do take-out and, I think, delivery. I hear mixed things about Dani's pizza on Lefferts: never tried it. Some people think it's fabulous, others hate it. These are sort of in Kew Gardens, but it's a nice spot (a little less strip mall than Austin Street in FH).

            AJ's on Austin is solid. I'd also suggest Sgt. Garcia's for Mexican (haven't been there in a long time, though, so I can't guarantee it). I think they deliver through some overpriced service, but I'm sure they do takeout.

            Habana on 70th Road, I think it is, has nice Cuban food. Not sure if they do take-out/delivery.

            Dee's Pizza delivers through a service and they do a great gourmet, thin crust sort of pizza.

            Forgive the long litany... When I lived in the area I made it my job to find decent food (cause it's not always easy). One more thing: if you're ever jonesing for a food outing (after the winter), take the Q23 from 71st/Continental down 108th Street to Empanadas del Parque and the Lemon Ice King of Corona. Awesome.

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              Dani's and Mehak are absolutely in Kew Gardens. I like Dani's alot. Some of the best eggplant parmagiana you'll find in the city. (well at least in a pizzeria)

              1. re: lizisinflatbush

                Sgt. Garcia is atrocious. It is, by far, the worst Mexican I've ever had. Why anyone would go there when there's a better, cheaper alternative at 5 Burros, I cannot understand.

                Latin Cabana Express, different from Cabana, does delivery for good Latin food.

                Thai Pot also delivers.

              2. On several occasions I went to Boston Market and took home 1/2 roast chicken with mashed potatoes and cream spinach. I just like this combination. The Fish Store on Austin has prepared foods which I've taken home that just needs reheating. Once I took home a small container of squid in tomato sauce which I added to thin spaghetti which took 5 minutes to cook. They also have salads (tuna, crab, shrimp) that are nice summer meals. I've taken home grilled chicken or steak with rice for $4 at the Asian owned Tex/Mex place on Austin St.