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Buenos Aires - food & neighborhood recommendations

This is somewhat a non-foodie yet foodie question. If you were young, hip, what neighborhood would you want to stay/rent and apartment in BA? Looking for lots of, cafes, shopping, local flavor?

On that note, I love meat - any recommendations on where to get the best steaks and chimichuri sauce that isn't so touristy with flair!

Thanks so much!

Oh I plan to go the first week in April.

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  1. I'm not trying to be difficult when I say that a lot of neighborhoods would meet the requirement for "lots of cafes, shopping and local flavor." In fact, just about any neighborhood I could name. It's part of the city's charm.

    The neighborhood that comes to mind most readily when you say "young and hip" is Palermo. It's where you'll find the greatest concentration of trendy bed and breakfasts, boutiques and "hip" restaurants. Doesn't mean those things can't be found elsewhere in the city, but probably not as many per square meter as in Palermo.

    Meat recommendations have been thoroughly covered here in other threads. My recommendation beyond the specific places listed in those threads is to hit a neighborhood slightly off the beaten tourist path — maybe Villa Crespo, Almagro or Caballito — around dinner time or lunch time (lunch applies especially on the weekends), see what's crowded and looks good and give it a shot.

    And definitely try the ice cream when you're here.

    1. i like mi barrio san telmo

      1. I am not young or particularly hip but I recently stayed in San Telmo and there were some very cool restaurants (Farmacia comes to mind) and the Sunday market is worth a look. I stayed for a few days in the Palermo Viejo neighborhood also and it is dense with outdoor cafes and small clothing stores; it is a popular with young locals and tourists. An area called Las Canitas in Palermo and near Recoleta (?) had quite a few restaurants that seemed to be populated by fashion models. Have a drink at Soul Bar.

        In my limited stay (seven days) the city appears to have no shortage of what you are looking for.

        1. Do not miss Las Cholas in Las Canitas, is cheap, good and full of young locals. You can also try there the "mate", empanadas and meat. The same area is full of good restaurantes and coffees. Have an ice cream at Persicco. Palermo is ok to rent a flat but be carefull cause they might call Palermo to a broad area.

          1. Let me just say you are going to have so much fun! I absolutely love Buenos Aires. I am definitely young and hip. So, my recommendations are as follows.

            First of all, Buenos Aires has many wonderful neighborhoods, so I recommend exploring them all. I recommend staying at the Four Seasons (Located in Recoleta neighborhood). It was a beautiful hotel, and the restaurant located here is also fantastic! If you want to do the boutique hotel route I would recommend Home Hotel. I have heard fantastic things about this hotel, and I have heard it is definitely a hip place to stay (Located in Palermo neighborhood).

            My favorite neighborhoods were Palermo, because I love boutique shopping and there were tons of beautiful boutiques everywhere. I also loved the Recoleta neighborhood. This neighborhood is more upscale and european. Most of the high end hotels are located in this area. Both of these neighborhoods are great for shopping and cafes.

            As far as restaurants go, don't miss La Bourgogne, upscale fine dining...the best in South America. Also, Casa Cruz is very hip and trendy. For steak, go to La Brigada or La Caballeriza. Skip Cabaña Las Lilas ...this place is way to touristy. Locals don't go.

            As far as shopping, it's great! Patio Bullrich, in Recoleta, is probably the most exclusive mall in the city. But, I would stick to shopping in the Palermo neighborhood. This is where you will find unique and beautiful clothes from South American designers. Check out Maria Vazqez, Avenida Córdoba 4924, an awesome store from an awesome argentinian designer. I also liked, Ona Saez, Avenida Santa Fe 1654. But, all and all, just explore the Palermo neighborhood, and you are bound to stumble on tons of great boutiques.

            1. In Palermo, try Rio Alba in the corner of Oro y Cervinio. Very local and excellent food. I am visiting here and staying in the Palermo area. Sightseeing with locals we were told Las lilas is very touristie... Meat is excellent tho. Still debating to try it.

              1. The Palermo Viejo neighboorhood has lots of trendy cafes. San Telmo also has great cafes as well as shops and local flavor. We went to a place called La Brigada, which had fantastic steaks that were very reasonably priced. The place has a great atmosphere, it's a bit rowdy and the walls are completely covered with football photos and memorabilia. The best steak of my life was at Cabana las Lilas, which is no secret, so is somewhat touristy. That being said, there seemed to be predominantly local business people in there when we went for lunch...

                1. Stay away from the over-priced tourist trap type restaurants.. not only are they known for their exorbitant prices, the cabbies who frequent them have a tendency to pull scams on their tourist passengers (easy pickings).

                  April is a great time to go to Buenos Aires.

                  Meanwhile, I recommend Las Cholas as one of my favorite parrillas -- the food is GREAT and the prices very reasonable.. try the provoleta de cabra (grilled goat cheese) as your appetizer.. yum!

                  I have lots of great places to eat in Buenos Aires listed in my blog:


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                    1. I didn't read all the replies to your question and perhaps(and probably)I am repeating a few but if it skews the vote towards goodness, nothing wrong with that.
                      Palermo is the 'hood for you. It is big and there are two parts but just take something closer to the El Centro and not on the outskirts as much.
                      Puerto Madero is nice and just recently built up, nicely, but not as much in the walking around/hanging/chillin' thing. You will go to all of these neighborhoods, in any case. Taxis are cheap and if you don't act like a total gringo you will not get ripped off.

                      Steaks, NO Las Lilas, as has been said.
                      La Brigada
                      La Cabrera in Palermo, though probably not THE best

                      I do not know them all and perhaps some other choices mentioned here will do instead.

                      Have fun in BA, definitely a great time.