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Dec 11, 2007 12:19 PM

Please help w/ 2 LOCAL lunch choices, casual & tasty

Though my group of 6 will eagerly repeat any of the following for 2 lunch "open slots" on our upcoming trip, I'm hoping for 2 yummy new choices to add to the list: Parkway, Liuzza BT Track, Acme, Mother's, Central get the picture.

I was looking forward to Ye Olde College Inn, but they don't do lunch and I've thought of Crabby Jack's, Elizabeth's, Parasol's and the other Liuzza's. (I suspect I'm missing some, here.) Your opinions on these and others will be greatly appreciated! - Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm always happy at Crabby Jack's. I've been taking out-of-towners to Mandina's lately, gives them a taste of real New Orleans.

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      J, should we plan that there will be a waiting line at Crabby Jack's? Mandina's -- what a great idea.

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        This would be my choice.
        3800 Canal St
        New Orleans, LA 70119
        (504) 482-9179

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          If you get there before 11:30 or after 1:30 it shouldn't be too bad. The real problem is seating; it's a free-for-all.

      2. Just about anywhere is casual for lunch, just so you know. Parkway, Parasol, Liuzza BTT (don't get the crab cake), Johnny's Poboys and Cochon would be my partial list. I'd skip Mother's and Acme (unless you are going for oysters alone) but that's just me. I've heard mixed reviews about Central Grocery so I am not sure about that one.

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          I have never heard anyone speak a negative word about Central Grocery's muffuletta!!! When I was in line last week with two out of towners, we got into a conversation with the father and son behind us in line. The son was a chef, trained in New Orleans, and now working in Charlotte. The one thing he wanted when he came back into town was a Central Grocery muffuletta.

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            I'm local and for what it's worth, I think Central Grocery's muff is the best. (Quality ingredients). They are also good a day or so later therefore you may want to take one home and save that meal for some place like Casamentos, or even better, Bozos. Cochon would be good for an all appetizer lunch or perhaps, tapas at Riomar.

          2. Wednesday is meatloaf day at Elizabeth's....not haute cuisine, but stick-to-your-ribs goodness. Save room for dessert!

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              Does Elizabeth's still serve callas? If so, could you describe what they are like?

            2. crabby jack's has some really inventive po boy options like duck or the fired green tomato or the french -frie po-boy
              also, lil dizzy's on esplanade has a lunch buffet of sorts where you pick an entree and then two of a list of sides- really filling and delicious
              you should maybe try ignatius- its fairly new, charming and yummy- uptown on magazine

              1. My current opinion is that Parkway makes the best poboys in the city at the moment, but Domilese's is an institution that isn't to be missed. If you've never been, it'd be worth adding to your list. They tend to close whenever they feel like it, so it may be wise to call ahead. (And keep their number handy because it's somewhat hard to find.) Their shrimp poboy is my favorite anywhere, and the only one that I eat with ketchup--their ketchup has a kick to it and it's delicious. Parkway has much better roast beef poboys, though.

                You might try Parran's in Metairie for an experience so authentic, it couldn't be had in Orleans Parish. It's in an ugly strip mall on Veterans Blvd., but I swear the food is delicious, and the clientele is pure Yat, dawlin'. Not a tourist in the place. Their veal cutlet sandwich is very good, as is their meatball poboy (anything with an Italian flare, really). Heck, they do roast beef and shrimp well too. Bozo's in Metairie is another such place that's off the average tourist radar but is as authentic as it gets.

                I don't want to oversell the Metairie places, though, because they aren't fantastic enough to justify the trip for most Quarter-bound tourists. But if you're adventurous and curious about other parts of the city, they can definitely hold their own against Orleans Parish's Parkways, Liuzzas, and Parasols.