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Dec 11, 2007 12:08 PM

Bubble tea in Baltimore?

Anyone know where I can get bubble tea in Baltimore? Just moved here from Chicago and am having a hard time finding it.

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  1. lotte plaza in ellicott city, near rt 29 on rt 40 Baltimore national pike. And if you want to try something different jack's bistro in canton has it with green tea vodka in it. I love it, but I know its not for everyone.

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      The bubble tea is in the Asian bakery acorss the parking lot form the Lotte Plaza supermarket that Peter Bielenson cleaned up.

    2. Teavolve, a lovely little tea house on Eastern Avenue in Fells Point has bubble tea, wifi, a friendly staff and a huge selection of other teas, too.

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        I just recently discovered Teavolve - they have great Chai tea! They're opening a new store in Harbor East soon too they said.

      2. Inside the Columbia mall is a little stand, I think its call Jasmine. They are not as good as Ten Ren's in Rockville of course, but close. Check it out.

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          The Columbia mall one is passable (though I'm known to be pretty picky about bubble tea). It was a surprising plus only when compared to my own other mall bubble tea experience which was at the Towson Town Center. If you happen to be at Towson Town and see the stand, just save yourself the trouble.

          Meimei's other mention, Ten Ren, is a pretty fair staple in my opinion (there have been arguments in the past about if it's the best in the area). But rockville is a mite far to go. There's a branch of Ten Ren at College Park as well.

          I've been told that some of the chinese restaurants in the city sell them, and I've yet to rush to see if this is true or how they taste. They're often considered as afterthoughts, so ... yeah.

        2. There's a restaurant in White Marsh/Perry Hall (off Honeygo Blvd) called Chopstix Cafe that serves Bubble Tea...I thought it was okay but good for a quick fix. Also, try An Loi in Columbia.

          1. hey...i know this is an old post...but, i've been coming back tothis site and finally decided to join.

            if ur familiar with the johns hopkins and 1/2 blocks south fromthe new barnes and noble...onthe left side of st. paul (still going southbound), a little chinese restaurant - been there forever..orient express...410 889 0003....the best bubble tea at a bargain price. personally, i opt out the tapioca pearls (bubbles)'s a dollar less and i still get my tea fix.

            i know stuff.

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              Hey, thanks! I work at JHU and will check this out for sure!!!!