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ATTN:asheville hounds- fantastic taqueria in marshall

As a new resident to the small town of Marshall, I am absolutely beside myself with excitement upon eating at the recently opened French Broad Taqueria in Downtown Marshall. A small restaurant with a devotion to local farms and fresh ingredients- all perfectly prepared. Menu is very affordable with items like:
fish tacos- local sunburst trout, fired with lemon aioli and pickled jalapeƱos
carnitas tacos- braised pork with cilantro, onion and guajillo salsa
They have a southern style bbq pork taco with plum bbq sauce, grilled flank steak with poblanos, braised brisket in a chile de arbol sauce and fried Alison farms chicken. They have soups, rice, beans, kale, salsas, guacamole, cheese dip and dessert. This place is so good, upon completing 2 tacos each, we went and ordered more. Be warned- 2 is not enough! I can not wait to try everything on the menu! Try it and you won't be disappointed.
French Broad Taqueria
32 N. Main Street
Marshall, NC
Open mon-sat 11 am-8 pm

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  1. Is this place actually Mexican or is it run by Gringos or what? I'm asking only to better peg the type of preparations one might expect. Since you mentioned local farms etc. one might expect a certain new-wave, Birkenstock atmosphere, but the name Taqueria..... doesn't seem to fit that mold.

    We have relatives in Weaverville and this might be an interesting place to go with them next visit.

    1. cool! do they have beer? wine?

      1. Yep, it's run by gringos, but they don't miss a beat. Beer and wine and I think sangria to come in January. This county just recently became un-dry

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          Really! And all this time I thought Marshall was in Buncombe.

        2. Hey all - I was intrigued and went tonight - KILLER!
          The food was great and cheap and the service very nice considering one gal was running the whole place. I am a native Californian and am picky about my Mexican food - very vegetarian friendly also...

          1. Welcome to the area! I have a Marshall address, but I live out in Shelton Laurel. I've been dying to try the taqueria---friends keep telling me how great it is---but I never seem to be in town when it's open. Though last night I was---it was my husband and my 20th anniversary which we celebrated at Stoney Knob.

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              Hello all- I've eaten there about 3 or 4 times since my original post and this place has this incredible talent to just get better and better each time I go. I was finally able to tear myself away from the delicious carnitas and tried the chicken- amazing. This place is just unbelievably good.

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                I'm an old itinerant gringo from Flintstone,Ga. & will be heading that way SOON,,

                WHEN did you say they would be serving beer?

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                  Excellent! Sometime in January. I'll check the date with them next time I'm there, which trust me, will be very soon--

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                    gonna be out that way today.what are the hours??

            2. I believe only Marshall recently became "undry" and not the rest of Madison County at this time.

              1. Ok, a bit of a reality check here for those of you who have read this review - I would encourage you to read the review in the mountain express (http://www.mountainx.com/dining/) which does mention the fact that this restaurant has limited seating. In fact there are only THREE tables and FOUR stools and this space is very tight quarters. This is not a romantic spot to hang out and have lunch or dinner. This is a VERY casual spot that is basically one step up from a road side stand. They have plenty of outdoor space and an area that could be a patio for outside dining in the summer months.
                The food is good. I would echo the recommendation that one taco is NOT enough. Order two so you don't have to go back and order more. Loved the fish taco but not so crazy about the pork or carnitas. It tastes like they are using cast iron skillets so if you like a metallic taste then you'll be fine. All very fresh and inexpensive and service was relatively speedy.

                1. ...I would also mention the fact that they are obviously still working out kinks. I was considering a special that had plantains but was told the plantains weren't ripe. They also weren't so sure about their supply of churros. This is all just evidence that they are still trying to anticipate their amount of business.

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                    Sorry I forgot to mention the seating--hope that didn't ruin your trip out there.

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                      no, it was worth the short drive. It has a lot of potential. Wish they could use their upstairs. Maybe in the future they can make an outdoor patio and maybe enclose it.

                  2. Hi everyone- I was visiting Marshall today and ate lunch at the Taqueria- and I am no amateur!! WOW- it was really good. I can say with all authority, my trout belly tacos were perfectly cooked, brought to me at the sizzle hot from the cooker, tortillas toasted perfectly, the sauce was wonderful, and I wolfed them down with gusto. Very affordable. Also ordered the tortilla soup, tomato-y, FRESH tasting and could have had a gallon sized bowl of it. The place is small, but I like it like that, the owner was gracious, and I had a feeling if I had asked her to do anything special she would have gladly prepared it for me. By all means- Go, eat-enjoy!!

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                      I also lunched there on Saturday...headed to Asheville (from Hendersonville) for some chores and just kept going on to Marshall based on this board's reviews.

                      Between the wife and I we had the trout (menu item, not the grilled special), carnitas, beef (brisket?) and sweet potato/portobello. Each one was great. The trout with jalapeƱo sauce was by far the tastiest fish taco I've had outside of SoCal.

                      The carnitas was the only thing that came close to just "good"; it didn't knock my socks off. The queso dip was good but not exceptional.

                      Service was great, it was standing room only while I was there but the staff was very friendly and quick.

                      I don't think I'd make this place a destination, but if you're anywhere close it would be high on my list.

                    2. Just spoke with the owner and beer and wine should be on in about 2 weeks time. She also has plans to put in a bar and build a great patio for the warmer months!

                      1. Visited yesterday and really dug the pork carnitas tacos. The patio will be great and really appreciate the quality ingredients in this neck of the woods.

                        1. I finally got around to lunch at FBT today and I wasn't all that impressed. Perhaps I should have ordered from the menu instead of having the special. I don't know. I'll give it another try in a few weeks, but I'm not sure it was worth the drive except that it is an exceptionally beautiful day and I enjoyed the drive along the river.

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                            I've been out recently and was still impressed by food (off menu). I could eat about a dozen of the fish tacos and love the chunky, fresh tasting guac. They've changed around the interior and the layout is better, though still only 4 tables and 4 stools. Beer and wine now available. and they are working on sprucing up the outdoor eating area for the summer.
                            4 tacos, 2 Mexican sodas, 1 kale side = $17 (tax included)

                          2. I don't think I would make a second trip to the taqueria- flavors were hit or miss in the specials we ordered. There are too many other good SW eateries in the area.

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                              "too many other good SW eateries in the area"???? of Marshall, NC....where, pray tell???? This place is not a refriend beans and tons of cheese type place and in my opinion it is way better than Papas and Beer....just curious as to what you are comparing it to.

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                                I am thinking of Mamacita's, in particular, La Paz, Lucky Otter, Papas, Limones and Salsa's- -all in the Asheville area, of course. I wasn't referring to Marshall alone. I will make a point of trying the TACOS my next trip in.

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                                All you folks really need to order more TACOS, as it is a taqueria. All the specials I've had have always been excellent.

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                                  The "special" I had was tacos. Or, TACOS, as you put it.


                              3. Today I was in town for an appointment in Weaverville, so crossed over to River Road and went on up to Marshall. Haven't been there in 3 years, what nice exciting changes "downtown"! The Taqueria was well worth the meandering drive. I ordered the fish taco and a tamale special. Tamale was well flavored, heat was just right and contrast of chew of the meat with the masa was perfect. But the fish taco, took one bite & immediately ordered another! It wasn't that impressive to look at, but the freshness & flavor combination is outstanding. Makes me wish I hadn't moved away!

                                I like Mamacitas, but these are two different animals - I don't think you can really compare them - each is quite good in different ways. FBT has an inherent pure integrity in how the ingredients are handled and flavors combined. The finished composition just
                                is radiant! Yeah, I'll be back!

                                BTW, this makes a nice 1/2 day excursion. A few nice galleries & gift shops, Zuma for coffee, often live music in the evenings and a drive along the river. And a meal at FBT - pretty close to perfect!

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                                  I totally agree that things are happening (finally) out in Madison Co. as far as having somewhere to go or stop to eat besides the Waffle House or hot dogs at a gas station. I would think that of all the ones mentioned above (Mamacitas, La Paz, Limones, Lucky Otter and Salsa's) the only one that FBT is similar to would be Limones. La Paz is more the traditional Mexi-Cali, Salsa's is just too much of everything.

                                2. Headed out to Marshal to see what all the fuss was about the French Broad Taqueria. I thought the food was good but not worth the trip from Asheville. Ordered the special which was the trout and avocado quesodillo for $7.50. It was prepared on a 6" tortilla and was rather bland. The side of black beans was OK and had a little smoky flavor. My dining partner ordered the fish taco $3.25 which was small but delicious and the special tamale. The tamale's corn meal was moist and flavors subtle. We started with chips and a chipotle salsa which was tasty but had absolutely no heat to it. The portions were small and the bill rather large (pushing $25) with tip. More flavor and a little dressing up of the plate would make the prices a little more appealing. At least it's something for Marshall's dining wasteland and it was nice to walk around town on a sunny warm day.

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                                    The town of Marshall has been in a severe drought (the well done gone dry!) which hindered the growth of the promising restaurants in town. (The taqueria is no more.) Now with all the rain we've received and spring here hopefully Marshall will get a little more foot traffic at Zuma and Bacchus Bistro. It's well worth the drive or bicycle ride from Asheville just to visit this historic little town, if you ask me.