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Laid back, festive birthday dinner with the girls

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a restaurant that's fun, but not too pricey. Also, somewhere that has an un-intimidating scene, but good drinks. There's four of us, including the birthday girl, who is chill, unpretentious, and prefers classic American fare (burgers and whatnot). She's not the WD-50 type. Any thoughts? We're going out Friday.

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  1. What about Blue Fin on Broadway?

    1. Five Points has great drinks and a scrumptious burger. There's always a festive vibe. Reservations are a must.

      1. Maybe Metrocafe & Wine Bar? Cool kind of vibe, flights of wine and great burgers with a bigger menu of dim sum and other fare like fish. Decently priced.

        1. Corner Bistro. Or The Spotted Pig. Or 'inoteca.

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            I happen to like Little Giant - cute and comfortable and cozy, and yes, the drinks are good. Prune has fantastic drinks if you do not mind eating in a walk-in closet.

          2. Jane (West Houston between Thompson and Lafayette) is perfect. Lots of fun cocktails. Menu has everything- salads, flatbreads, fish, burgers- lots of choices for both the safe and the (slightly) more adventurous. Plus not too pricey.

            1. Check out The Smith...great food, great atmosphere and I'm willing to bet that the drinks are good (they looked pretty damn tempting on the menu)