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Dec 11, 2007 11:54 AM

new sushi coming to Jackson Heights

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  1. Hooray! I have tried Happy Kitchen and East 21 for sushi and have never had anything besides medicore, grocery store quality sushi. I've got my fingers crossed for Tomo!

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    1. re: ZestyZ

      I ordered from East 21 for the first time on Sunday evening but not sushi. I ordered Shrimp Yaki Soba which arrived 20 minutes later via motor scooter along with miso soup and salad. It was truly outstanding. Excellent miso soup & crispy salad. The stir fried noodle dish had 8 huge jumbo shrimp. I had half and the other half for lunch next day. All this food for $9 (no tax). Neighbors who recommended East 21 like the Seafood Soba in Soup & Golden Spider (fried soft shell crab). Anyone know where Tomo is located?

      1. re: Mike V

        very close to Inti Raymi - not open yet or even close. Just brown paper on the storefront glass.

        1. re: Mike V

          I have never tried their Soba noodles. East 21 is definitely my favorite Chinese delivery option. Everything is always hot and fresh with excellent value. I love their General Tso's and Chicken with Broccoli.

          1. re: ZestyZ

            East 21 is a fine option for cooked dishes, but the sushi was really unpleasant the two times i tried it. looked at the Tomo website, which is really bare bones, but -- and maybe i'm just being cynical here -- seeing a banner headline promising "all sushi and sashimi one dollar per piece" doesn't engender a lot in the way of confidence. will have to try it before passing judgment, of course....

            1. re: david sprague

              Don't harsh my buzz, David.

              While I'd love to get even a Mickey's-caliber sushi place in JH, *anything* is better than Happy Kitchen.

              1. re: danoots

                There's a Tomo's on Queens Blvd in Elmhurst, just west of St. John's Hospital. I've never tried it though.....

      2. Did Tomo in Jackson Heights ever open? Any reports?

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        1. re: ZestyZ

          It hasn't opened yet but you can peek in and see the sushi bar in the back and some booths and seating along the sides and in the front.
          There's some more speculation about building permits etc here

          Has anyone has recently eaten at the other Tomo in Elmhurst on Queens Blvd? That would probably be a good indication of what this one will be like.

          1. re: ZestyZ

            Yep, it opened today. HURRAY. I went with 2 friends. We ordered a TON of food: edamame, yakitori, teriyaki-chicken & beef, sushi (salmon, tuna, yellowtail & shrimp) and special rolls (king crab w/avocado and spicy tuna), veggie tempura, lots of beer and the grand total: $81.00 with left overs. WOW. Fish was fresh and tender. Chicken and beef was large portions and also tender (and not fatty which is a plus IMHO). Service was nice and friendly. Place was attractive looking (lots of wood that's either fake or highly varnished, red stained wood floors, booths and tables and chairs plus a sushi counter. SOOO HAPPY. And I wasn't unhappy with Happy Kitchen. They are a little more pricey but they serve larger pieces of sushi. Although Tomo's teriyaki portions were larger. It's just nice to have another option closer to my apartment. BTW, for the Grand Opening sushi is $1.00 per piece. COOL.

            1. re: rose c

              we had a really nice meal at tomo on sunday. nice sushi and rolls, and a good miso soup. for rolls and sushi, it's very inexpensive. and the service and ambiance was really nice. it's a great addition to the neighborhood. dinner for 2 ran us about 40 bucks, tip and tax included. we didn't have any complaints. the sushi slices are a bit thin, but it was better than the sushi we've had in the korean places in flushing. and all the sushi is $1 a piece. even the uni was good.

              yeah, it might not be mind blowing sushi, but it's a great neighborhood place. affordable, friendly, good service, good food. kind of reminded me of all the neighborhood japanese places in the bay area where you could go for japanese comfort food. although, like almost all the sushi places here in new york, you can tell that most of the fish has been frozen somewhere along the way. it just doesn't have that perfect melt in your mouth feel. it always feels a bit water logged to me. but i get that same feeling even at the expensivish sushi places in manhattan (where dinner for 2 costs $80-140). but for a great neighborhood joint, tomo hits the mark. we plan on going back frequently. i can't compare it to happy, since i never went there. but i still give it very high marks.

              1. re: joekarten

                According to my dh, it's much better than Happy K, which he thinks is awful.

                1. re: joekarten

                  Joe, did you konw that all sushi in the states is frozen at some point? It prevents some bacteria from surviving. The preparation is really what is lacking here. There are ways of making it melt even if it has been frozen at some point.
                  I recommend taking advantage of the nice sake prices.

                  1. re: Jeffsayyes

                    no, i didn't know that. what are the ways in which it can be best defrosted? also, when i lived in the bay area, we often bought sashimi grade fish from the fish market and i know for a fact that much of it had never been frozen. the hamachi usually had been frozen, but the california albacore and the maguro were both fresh and never frozen. obviously, the albacore had been caught in california, but the maguro was flown in a few times a week from around the world. maybe things are different now.

            2. I like Happy Kitchen although I usually get the teriyaki platters and only occasionally order sushi. But I've never found their sushi to be grocery store quality. The Tomo over by Queens Center mall doesn't look like much. I have a feeling it won't be better than Happy Kitchen. Hope I'm wrong since it's much closer to me living on 86th Street.

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              1. re: rose c

                I got takeout sushi from Tomo last night. Their menu has a lot more options than Happy Family, and I liked it better, especially at the grand opening prices of $1 for individual sushi or sashimi and a discounted price on rolls. I tried the salmon skin roll (very tasty), as well as sweet potato roll. In my experience, HK also cooks the salmon on salmon sushi. I am not a particularly knowledgeable sushi eater, but this seemed to me to be a step up for Jackson Heights.

                I will definitely try it again. They also have a bunch of appetizing lunch specials includin regular entrées with soup or salad, 2 rolls for $7.25, or Bento Boxes for $7.75.

                1. re: JH Jill

                  On Friday for lunch, I ordered the Bento Box #4 Shrimp & Veggie Tempura. It must have been sitting in the kitchen for a while. When it arrived it was cold. I didn't have time to complain and wait for another order. I plan to return but next time I won't be so nice if I'm not pleased. The place is beautifully done with three type of seatings: Tables, Booths or Counter. Friends went the next before and raved about the food and service. This is a very nice addition to the area.

                2. re: rose c

                  Happy Kitchen is barely adequate when you desperate for sushi and unable to go anywhere else. I have found Tomo to be a significant improvement. Pretty good sushi comfort food.

                3. I had delivery from this place a couple of times now, and it's decent. I like their salmon sushi, especially because it's not cut as thick as East 21 does it. Their beef teriyaki and tempura udon are ok, but their Kaki Fried (Deep Fried Oysters appetizer) tasted great. I ordered it on a whim for the first time yesterday, and the bread outside was nice and crunchy while the oyster itself was warm but cooked just right.

                  What else is good to order from Tomo?