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Dec 11, 2007 11:47 AM

Favorite baked potato toppings?

I've always liked barbeque sauce on baked potatoes, but recently when I had some leftover meatloaf glaze (chili sauce, brown sugar, mustard powder), I discovered I quite like it (along with real bacon bits, sour cream, and chopped scallions) on baked potatoes too.

Other favorites include taco meat (plus the usual fixins, like grated cheese & sour cream) on a baked potato, which the deli where I used to work served, or "barbeque" (made with ground bison).

What are your faves?

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  1. When I'm "dieting," I like salsa, green onions and low fat sour cream.

    When I'm "off the wagon," I like butter, sour cream, and broccoli. Lots of butter.

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    1. re: churchka

      I'm with you on the "dieting" option. For the other one I like creamed spinach with a ton of rough cracked pepper, or an Indian saag ($1 for a generous portion at the local Indian market - cheap lunch or dinner)

      1. re: churchka

        I only bother with baked potatoes when off the wagon ;)

        Forgot to mention, lately I've been buying these incredible "California purple" potatoes--brilliant jewel purple inside when baked and really gorgeous on the plate. I feel if they're purple there can be no doubt of their merit as a vegetable ;)

        1. re: dario.barbone

          intriguing recipe. thanks. is it sort of savory and sweet? like the concept of curry with raisins in a dish?

        2. Leftover Indian food, particularly daal, chana masala, baigan bharta or that spicy okra dish almost every restaurant has.

          1. When I studied in Istanbul, I loved kumpir. See
            I haven't tried it at home, though. I somehow doubt I could combine pickles and potatoes as well as the street vendors can. If you can execute it, kumpir is delicious!

            1. tuna, corn and mayo mixed up and then grated cheese.