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Jun 20, 2006 05:29 PM

best burger in san francisco?

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has anybody found a great burger place in sf?
for any Bostonians out there, I'm talking about something comparable to Bartley's burgers in Harvard Square.

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  1. these peeps have looked into it pretty deeply...


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    1. re: glutton

      I gotta go with the Slow Club burger with fries(less than $10), have had it half a dozen times and always stellar. Plus, you can't beat the clubby atmosphere and hip artsy/fartsy crowd.

    2. This has been done before, but my top three are Zuni, Slow Club and Home.

      1. if you can get past all of the preppiness, the balboa cafe has a great burger...

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        1. re: siZZle
          Sandy Stadtfeld

          Would that it were merely preppiness - try arrogance, rudeness and entitlement. The food isn't worth it.

        2. That's gotta be Joe's Cable Car burger -- its a veritable temple to burgers and fresh ground chuck (Joe grinds his own fresh chuck daily!)


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          1. re: missmobtown

            I used to think so...but in the last few years the prices have shot up astronomically, and the burger seems to be shrinking correspondingly (even though the burgers are sold by weight).

            1. re: bdl

              I was inspired by this thread to go have lunch there today. I got the 6oz number 2 (Joe's Fresh Ground Beef Steak - "Onion lover's treat, mixed with diced Bermuda onions, sesame seed bun and garnish").

              It was a very good burger, juicy, flavorful, and the service was very friendly, but in the end, I don't think the price was justified. Note that the prices on their online menu aren't accurate, everything is slightly more expensive. No fries or onion rings, no drinks, just the burger, and it still cost me $16 to get out of there after tax and tip.

              Rosamunde's burger is on deck this Tuesday, excited to try that one!

          2. 21st Amendment, Zuni, and Slow Club. The Richmond and NOPA also have a great burger.