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Dec 11, 2007 10:29 AM

Restaurant life in Brooklyn

I am planning to move to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I have been reading a lot of message boards on Bay Ridge, and wanted to get your take on restaurant life in Bay Ridge v. Park Slope, Fort Greene, Boreum Hill (Other areas I'm considering). I have also checked out Brooklyn Heights but did not find too many restaurants there. Maybe I was not at the right place? I love to try different ethinc foods and which would be the best area to stay area based on that. Yes - I'm actually going to decide where I should live based on which place has the more ethinic, authentic restaurant options!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Park Slope has tons of great food. some on the pricier end, however I would not say that they have a huge ethnic variety. I will not debate them here, but you should do a search...there are vast options.

      1. Boerum Hill is the perfect area because you are central to Smith/Court/Atlantic, Brooklyn Heights, Ft Greene and Park Slope. And every train runs through Atlantic Terminal so you can chow in Bay Ridge in half an hour.

        1. Greenpoint has some good stuff. Williamsburg is only OK. Park Slope is just yuppy stuff. The areas with heavy restaurant concentrations are not neccesarily the places to eat in Brooklyn. None of my favorite places are in something I would consider a major restaurant concentration.

          1. Just to add to your confusion...
            Bay Ridge has a wonderful mix of different ethnicities: Middle and Far Eastern, Irish, Norweigan, and to a lesser extent, Polish and Norweigan. It also borders on Sunset Park , which has a mixture of Asian and Mexican restaurants, Boro Park is close by with it's Jewish/Russian influenced delacacies . There are many good places to nosh/eat/dine in Bay Ridge. It's a relatively safe, friendly neighborhood with lot's of local storefront shopping on 3rd and 5th Aves. It's great to support the area in which you live by shopping in small neighborhood stores.
            There are also plenty of local bars that serve decent, casual food. There are buses running on 3rd and 5th Aves and also up Bay Ridge Ave AKA: 69th St and Bay Ridge Pkwy AKA: 75th St and the "R" train runs along 4th Ave from 92nd St into the CIty.
            When the weather allows, nothing caps off a delightful dinner better than taking in the beautiful views along Shore Rd.
            If you drive, the only drawback is the difficulty finding parking, especially on weekends.
            I cannot imagine a better Brooklyn neighborhood in which to live than Bay Ridge

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              Yes, I will second what Tay said. While the food *in* Bay Ridge is plentiful but often just okay, it makes an excellent home base for exploring other parts of Brooklyn.

              1. re: scooter

                Like Tay said, there's plenty of variety in Bay Ridge, including some great "ethnic" stuff, especially a variety of Middle Eastern. But depending on where you are in Bay Ridge you might also be really close to Sunset Park which chock full of great Chinese (and Viet, and Malaysian) and of course Latino.

                Like I've written before, I'm in Kensington and have a car. That affords me all sorts of access to the areas above as well as Middle Eastern, Israeli, Russian, ex-Soviet Satellite stuff up and down CIA; and across Church into Flatbush for Caribbean; over the Gowanus hump to Fairway and RH Ballfields; into the trendier nabes you mentioned (PS, CH, BH, FG, PH); and heck, not that far from Queens on the right night.

                But, yeah, it's a car thing, I admit.

              2. re: Tay

                Hopefully the OP doesn't need to commute to the city frequently though - the R Train is quite slow.

                1. re: EJC

                  Bay Ridge has Express trains and Express buses!

                  1. re: noisejoke

                    Heh, the express bus is OK, and you can get express N and D further up the line during the day, but coming home late at night? Woof.

                    But I forgot: we just got destination-worthy Sichuan.


                    It'll be great, if it can attract some more real eaters and survive.