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Dec 11, 2007 10:00 AM

Downtown Dinner on Sunday Night?

Hi all,

I am no stranger to downtown los angeles, however, I wanted to see if I could get some other suggestions from chowhounders. I am going to an opera on sunday night, and I wanted suggestions on really good food downtown. Quality over quantity.

I don't want to go to Patina, yet. That is for later!

So far I can think of the following fancy places

Cafe Pinot
Nic and Stef's (the Palm maybe)
Water Grill
blue velvet

For not as fancy
Redwood Bar and Grill
Royal Claytons
Petes Cafe
Colori Kitchen
The thai fusion place on 4th st.
E3rd Steakhouse
J restaurant
and others of course

R23, Honda-ya, Izayoi, Kappo Ishito, etc.

right now I am leaning towards Water Grill, Ciudad Tapas Sundays, or Pete's Cafe. R23 is good, but its also closed like the rest of little tokyo? Are any GOOD places in little tokyo open on sunday evenings?

I have been to Roy's in SF and have not had the desire to go back. I have been to blue velvet, and while good, I want to try something else instead. Takami and J restaurant I hear are quite average, so I will likely give them a pass. I am reluctant to go to Palms, E3rd, or Nic and Stef's since I like Jar, Craft, campanile and the other really good grill houses of LA.

Are there any other good suggestions out there?


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  1. if sai sai in the biltmore is still there i would put that on your list - i thought it was outstanding

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    1. re: paulfromla

      I forgot about that, and Noe, now that you mention it.

    2. You have a fairly good list already. I think Water Grill is the best of your "finalists". You might add Arnie Morton's and Engine Co. 28 to the list. I keep trying to like Kendall's given its proximaty, but somehow, it never quite works for me.

      1. I have had two truly amazing meals at The Water Grill the last 6 weeks. It is as good as it ever has been. I say give it a try. If you go, someone must get the Barramundi, it is the best piece of fish I have ever tasted.

        1. Pretty sure IZAYOI is closed on Sunday nights!

          1. Pacific Dining Car, perhaps?

            Seafood on weekends (esp. Sundays) may not be so fresh. Unless it's the live fish (preferably steamed) at Ocean Seafood in Chinatown. Yum.

            I avoid sushi and seafood otherwise on weekends - just my personal preference...

            There's just 1 exception (also in Chinatown): Yang Chow, for their legendary slippery shrimp.

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            1. re: J.L.

              THanks for the recs.

              Hmmmm. Does Anyone know if water grill's quality suffers on sundays? If I go this time around and am not super impressed, it will be unlikely that I will return. Should I skip water grill because of the day?

              1. re: jlrobe

                My last meal at Water Grill (mid-week a couple weeks ago) was very disappointing. Chowder was luke warm and salty and nothing else was up to the standards I'd grown accustomed to. As for the mention of Kendall's above, the service sucks and the food is mediocre. Only the location is good for the opera. I'd 2nd the Engine Company if only because it was not on your original list and is good "comfort" food.

                1. re: lebdog

                  Went to the Water Grill a few weeks ago on a Sunday night, before a Disney Hall concert. Although the food was good, thought the menu was quite small and limited. The seafood was very fresh, though....not what you might fear on a weekend.