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Dec 11, 2007 09:44 AM

Christmas Day, 2007

Friends, where in the Los Angeles area would you take adult family members for dinner on Christmas day?

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    1. re: luswei

      Does anyone know of any other good Chinese restaurants open on Christmas?

      1. re: Food622

        Kung Pao Bistro in either West Hollywood or Studio City are both good as well as open Christmas Day. Their seafood, lamb, and veggie dishes are specialties, btw.!

    2. All the San Gabriel Valley Chinese Palaces are open next Tuesday!

      1. If you don't want Chinese food, the only options I found were at the hotels, such as Ritz Carlton. Very expensive.

        1. McCormick & Schmicks in El Segundo is open on the 25th (they are open 365 days a year). When I spoke to the hostess there, she said that some of the other McCormick & Schmicks are also open that day, but you would have to call to check with the one in your area. I've actually been there on Christmas day in the past and it seemed to please everyone from ages 30 - 80.