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Dec 11, 2007 09:32 AM

holiday carmel apple in philly

I am looking for a carmel covered apple, that in addition to the carmel, is cover with nuts and chocolate. Does anyone know where they are available in the Philadelphia area? Thanks!

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  1. The candy store across from Termini's (South west corner, behind 4th street cookies)in the Reading Terminal Market has many different kinds of carmel apples (and the original red candy ones too), and their apples are always crisp!

    1. Out in the burbs, Zwahlen's in Audubon (10 minutes from KofP mall) has a great variety of candy and caramel apples. They have amazing frozen custard/ice cream too.

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      1. re: JugglerDave

        Zwahlens has the best ones I've found!

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          Last year Wegman's had a huge display, not super expensive, and they were really good. I didn't see this year, has any one else?

      2. Every year one of my husband's patients sends us a huge box of assorted carmel, chocolate, and nut covered apples and they are fantastic. They are from QVC! Seriously, terrific. The name of the company is Mrs. Prindables.

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          Another vote for Mrs. Prindables. If you are lucky, they sometimes throw in a handful of wrapped caramels, soft and delicious.

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            I have had those Mrs. Prindables, and they are really delicious. In fact, they had them on QVC on Monday afternoon/night. I haven't tried any food from QVC except for the Mrs. Prindables, but here's another thumbs up for those apples.

          2. Yes, those carmels were in there and also pepermint bark. It is such a great gift. We gave most of it away, but wow what we kept was delicious.

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              If you are going the net route compare these.


              I liked the giant 3 pound apple from Grand Avenue Chocolate of Concord California but they seem to be out of business.