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Dec 11, 2007 09:00 AM

NYE Food Destination - Adirondacks?

Hey - we want to load the x-country skis on the car and head north a few hours from CT for a couple days over New Years. We'll go anywhere where the food is great and the atmosphere is cool and casual, particularly on NYE.

Point us in the right direction! Thanks!

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  1. Perhaps the Friends Lake Inn? We've been there a few times and been extremely happy with the food each time - innovative and excellent, with an amazing wine selection. The accommodations are comfortable and they have a Nordic ski center right there (plus other cross country trails are nearby). Check it out at - good luck!

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    1. re: kerryfood

      That's just what I was thinking. It's a bit pricey, but terrific.

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        We have been tempted by that place, but I had read some things about it that referred to both the food and atmosphere as "stuffy" and we don't do stuffy. Is that not what you've experienced?

        Update: I just spoke with them and they are only offering a two night minimum stay NYE package that doesn't work for us.

        Any other thoughts on NYE dinner in the Southern/Eastern Adirondacks?

        1. re: lunabug

          How about this? I'm not sure the food is "foodie" level, but I think it's great, service is good, and it's a very nice, comfortable place. The restaurant has a nice fireplace too. Lots of snowmobile action though, I don't know what you think about that...

          (Mod - I know this might not be just about the food, but there are SO FEW restaurants in the Adirondacks...nearly every place is a's really hard to tease it apart.)

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            Nice idea. We stopped here for lunch this summer thanks to a Chowhound (maybe yours) recommendation. It was a great spot, but a little further than we want to go this time. Great desserts.

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            Huh – we definitely never felt that way, though admittedly it’s been 2-3 years since we last went. It’s very much an Adirondack lodge, but with a fine dining restaurant. When we were there they had a sweet golden retriever who used to lounge around begging for pets, and we would lie out in a hammock by the pond or in the sauna or the like. Now, I know some people are not comfortable w/ things like sommeliers – I am not sure who you heard from, and there’s no question that it’s a very nice restaurant w/ a huge wine list, but I never felt it to be at all a supercilious or stuffy atmosphere – quite the opposite. I’d be curious to hear from someone who has stayed more recently to see if it has changed at all.

            I also remember going to the Saratoga Rose in Hadley some years back and being very favorably impressed – I would say that’s worth a look. Unfortunately, we aren’t up that way too often, and when we are, we always go to Friends’ Lake these days.

            1. re: lunabug

              I've never found the food or atmosphere at Friends Lake to be stuffy - upscale, yes, but not stuffy. We didn't make it up there this year, so maybe it's changed significantly?

              The Sagamore in Bolton Landing on Lake George has the Trillium Bis - I haven't been there since it's been redone but I've heard it's very good. Hmm, but re-reading your post, casual it is not (or at least it hasn't been in the past). The Inn at Erlowest (also on Lake George) is supposed to be very good as well (not sure about the formality) and I've heard great things about the Owl at Twilight (in Olmstedville I believe). That said, not sure about their hours during the winter season. Here are the websites in any case - I can't find one for the Owl at Twilight -


              Good luck!

          3. Folks, please keep discussion focused on the food. Lodging and general travel tips are too far astray from this site's mission. Thanks for keeping us a valuable, focused resource for finding deliciousness.

            1. We have eaten at Brunettos in warrensburg, great food and wine, there is also great B&B warrensburg (cornerstone Victorian)have never been disappointed at brunettos, does not look like much from the outside but quality of food is to see if they will be opened 518-623-1041

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                Oh no! All of your great information helped us center in on Warrensburg as our destination and Brunettos as our NYE dinner spot, but I just called and they are booked! I am bereft.

                We were excited about going back to Warrensburg. We drove through there this summer on our way home from camping and found it to be a surprising little culinary hotspot. We had amazing meatball and eggplant grinders at a funky little spot called Marco Polo's. Best meatball grinder ever! We even convinced them to sell us a quart of their sauce (and my husband is a chef!).

                And of course Oscar's smokehouse is a must. Amazing beej jerky and bratwurst. We are stocking up this time.

                So we would definitely like to be near Warrensburg - we've read great things about the x-country skiing in that area - and are planning on staying at the Queensbury in Glens Falls.

                Any other thoughts on a casual NYE dinner spot? Thanks so much!

                1. re: lunabug

                  In Warrensburg, there's the Merrill Magee House - it used to be quite good, but I hear it has new owners and I haven't been there since the ownership changed. Expect it to be a very "country inn" atmosphere.

                  Then there is also the Grist Mill - but again, haven't been there in a few years. Others here may be able to assist on that one.

                  If you really want to go casual, in Glens Falls there is a brewpub called Davidson Brothers - I've seen mixed reviews on the site but a lot of people really enjoy it - I've been only once but I'd return.

                  Also in Glens Falls is Fiddleheads (I can't find a website) - perhaps others here could chime in on that one. I only went once a few years ago, but my in-laws have spoken very favorably about it. I seem to remember it being casually upscale with an eclectic menu - and for some reason I think it had quite a bit of seafood (especially crab) on the menu.

                  If you wanted to go a bit south from Glens Falls you could go down to Saratoga Springs where you might have some more options.

                  Sorry I don't have more information - hope you have some good luck finding a place! (And definitely stock up on Oscar's - so tasty - both Friends Lake Inn and Merrill Magee serve their stuff - yum.)

                  1. re: kerryfood

                    While we're on the topic -- stop at Gambles Bakery (it's near Oscars).

                    Gambles Bakery (mmmm good - call for hours, they're a little screwy)
                    920 State Route 9
                    Queensbury, NY 12804
                    (518) 793-5384

                    I'd like to hear a report from Merrill Magee. It looks like a really nice place.

                    I love Davidsons, but after suggesting it on here someone had a bad dinner there and I felt bad. I like their grilled sandwiches, cheddar cheese soup, avocado dip and their BEER!!!