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Dec 11, 2007 08:55 AM

International Rib Delivery to Canada?

Just wondering if anyone out there has had ribs delivered up from a real US rib joint? I've seen one of these placed on the Food Network, but am not sure if the taste would survive the packing and reheating etc. Thinking about giving it as an xmas gift.



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  1. Many sources won't even attempt a Canadian delivery of fresh or perishable food. But if you do find a source, they will have to deal with customs, brokers, and border security. Plus get it to you on time. Good luck!

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      I've only had the chopped sandwich at Interstate in Memphis, but I know from friends there that the ribs are good. They advertise "Worldwide Delivery" and have a toll free number.

    2. How about ribs from a real Canadian rib joint?

      Also look up some of the ribbers here and you'll find that the recent winners reflect a strong Canadian content.