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Dec 11, 2007 08:52 AM

Chinese for Jewish Xmas Eve

Looking for a good place for a group, with 6 adults + 3 kids, ideally in Philly Chinatown or NW burbs for Monday night the 24th. Moved away several years ago from Philly and out of the loop a bit.

Shao Lang Kung was a favorite, but likely too small.
Szechuan Tasty House sounds great, but perhaps too small as well. Also will need some safe dishes for a few members of our party as well.

Any other ideas?

Quality + size + open on a Monday night.


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  1. Lee How Fook and Sang Kee would be good bets.

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      In Blue Bell, Lei-Lei is decent on Route 202 and a nice family place.

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        I looove Lee How Fook, but they may be closed on Mondays. I'd call to check.

        I'll also agree that Lai Lai is nice and would be able to accommodate a group of your size.

      2. If you are willing to have Burmese instead of Chinese, how about Rangoon? It is one of my favorites in chinatown. We recently went with a party of about 15 and the service was good and the food was excellent.

        1. well i'd asked when i was in about christmas day specifically, and lakeside chinese deli is open. i think they said the only day they are closed is thursdays, so i'd assume they're open on christmas eve as well. there's a recent thread about them, and i've been twice this month - i'm loving them. don't miss the sesame balls!
          if i'm in town christmas day, that's where i'm headed followed by a movie marathon at the ritz. i always look forward to walking around center city when it's desolate.

          *edit* just noticed you'd mentioned size, so you might have a fall back option in case their big tables are crowded. last christmas we went to HK golden phoenix, a HUGE place, but i was not happy with my food there. lakeside deli, if you give them notice, may be able to push the tables along the window together to fit your group. that's about 1/3rd of the size of the restaurant.

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            FYI, depending on the ages of the kids, Lakeside only has 1 infant seat that clips onto the table & no highchairs

          2. Try Hello on Washington at 7th St. or 8th St. They have tons of offerings and they have tables to accommodate your party. It is one of the best Chinese places in town and it also serves Korean dishes. If not that I second Sang Kee. They are yummy too and also have room upstairs for larger parties.

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              This is a bit more West but Susannah Foo's in Radnor would be a perfect spot if it is geographically acceptable.

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                Regarding Susannah Foo's in Radnor, I'll fall back on my granddaughter's reply - "I can't like that". I really like her place in the city, but I really don't like her place in the burbs. Been there more than a few times and haven't been happy with it any time!

            2. My daughter just sent this to me. It's entertainment to go along with your (and my) Chinese meal: