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Dec 11, 2007 08:44 AM

Baker's supplies in Fairfield County?

Are there any stores that specialize in ingredients that baker's want/need? I've ordered all I can from King Arthur, they don't have some of the things I need--like wafer paper.

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  1. Elizzie...I'm a baker, too, and if there is anything "special" I need, I plan ahead and order it online. I don't know of any shops that specialize in baker's supplies, especially ingredients. Globe Restaurant supply has a lot of Wilton stuff, pans, parchment paper, decorating tips and such, and they can order just about anything you might need in that area. But, if it's some unusual ingredient, like this wafer paper, you'll have to go to NYC or get it online. (New York Cake and Baking Co has a website; Good luck, and if you do find a local source, be sure and let us know.

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      NY Cake has just what I'm looking for! Thanks again! BTW, I'm in Norwalk, as well, and I always enjoy your posts.

    2. Elizzie. Here's another online source for Baking least, I think this is what you're looking for. Search Baking Needs.

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      1. There is a store across the street from Circuit City next to Super Stop and Shop on Route 1 in Norwalk called Cook's Nook. It used to have some low-med baking stuff. Jfood was looking for a white porcelain pot to cooked hard boiled eggs and figured this may be the place. When he walked in he almost fell over. They converted to a med/high to high end store. I found the owner and asked what happened. He told me that when WalMart moved in down the street they could either close or change. They changed and very much for the better. They have expanded twice and are planning another expansion. The owners were really nice and jfood definitely has it on his list to go to when he needs stuff.

        Give them a call and see if they can help.

        Cooks Nook
        465 Connecticut Ave
        Norwalk, CT 06854

        Tel: 203-831-8777

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          Love the Nook. I'll stop by and see if they have it (or any other little things I might I have any more room in my kitchen). Thanks, jfood. How goes the chocolate cake baking?

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            Last night after 7 hours of conference calls jfood needed some down time. On the way home he stopped at his fruit store and picked up some items and made the following apple/pear crisp. It was outstanding.


            Highlly recommend

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              I've made this...but not in awhile. REALLY good, and with addition of zest, that's my favorite! I find most all Barefoot Contessa recipes are simple and delicious. Thanks for the reminder.

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                  Crisps and Baking Supplies oh my! Thanks fellow chowhounds!