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Good cookware at bargain prices?

The LA 'hounds were very helpful a few weeks back in responding to my request for grocery shopping recommendations, but now I learn that our dear daughter lacks much of what one would need to actually prepare a decent dinner. Any thoughts on where to get some quality cookware at a discount? Knives, in particular. (I guess she and her roommate presently bludgeon their food ...) We'll try to pull the classic two-fer: combination of Christmas presents and the means of survival.

We're coming into LA on the 19th and will be staying in Brentwood. However, we don't mind taking a drive 'most anywhere in LA to find good food and good stuff.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try these discount retailers: Marshall's and Ross.

    Marshall's: http://www.marshallsonline.com/

    Ross: http://www.rossstores.com/

    They sell some quality open stock cookware (Calphalon). I have also seen Wusthoff knives as well. They sell brand name for bargain prices, but you have to be patient and dig around, some stores are very messy and not organized, but some are stocked & organized well. However, with the Holiday season, it can be bad. Good Luck!

    1. You won't have the pleasure of a shopping outing, but Amazon.com has some pretty serious sales on brand name cutlery and cookware. A quick perusal of their website shows sales that tempt even my overstocked and underfunded self.

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        I agree, Amazon usually has the best prices by far, and a good selection.

      2. Five Star on Sepulveda in the Valley has used Cooking stuff. Pots and pans, old rest equip, etc...a good place to visit.

        1. Second 5 Star. Believe it or not, you can get some pretty resonable and durable stuff at good prices.

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            I know about Star Restaurant Supply on Sepulveda near Costco but have not noticed used items besides large appliances (ranges, deep fryers & refers). Is the '5 Star' referred to above a different place?

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              sorry, yes, Star. And yes, they only sell used appliances. I think there is some sort of law forbidding stores from selling used cookware.

              Ikea has good stuff, too!

          2. Tuesday Morning currently has some Calphalon odds and ends at around half normal retail, and various kitchen knives at good prices. Closeouts, of course, so they may or may not have what you are looking for, but worth checking out. They have stores at various locations.

            1. The knife that gets the most use in my house is a little, generic serrated paring knife from Smart and Final. I know it sounds crazy but my brother told me about them and I swear I don't know what I did without this little ~$3 lifesaver.

              They typically come in a pack with another non-serrated paring knife - they're by the checkout stand at the one in Pasadena.

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                  The Marukai outlet (98 cent ) store on Hawthorne north of Lomita Blvd. sometimes has really sharp no brand knives for $1.50 and other useful items. Been lucky to get good useful bargains there.

                2. This is not a discount place, but they do have restaurant style cookware at reasonable prices. Plus it's a foodie haven and they have a very nice cafe attached. Surfa's. It's on the westside, not too far from where you'll be (National & Venice, I think). Their knives tend to be on the "higher end" side. But a chef's knife really can cover most needs....and a good one is something she'll have forever.

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                    You mean Surfas. They DO have good knives there. A good knife is an investment that will last a lifetime. I reccomend getting her a chef's knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. Those are really all most people need (Plus a steel and sharpener)

                    Surfas also sells Benriners, which are affordable and amazing mandoline ish cutters. I hope to get one this year for Christmas! She can do really thin slices, really fast, as well as fancy shreddies and stuff-really cool.

                    Surfas carries pots and pans, but I've never bought one there-So I can't comment on pricing.

                    Invest in some great knives for her to use forever, and then keep her ham-handed room mates away from them!

                  2. Sunday mornings across from Los Angeles City College (Vermont Ave. near Santa Monica Blvd.) there's a flea market which often has vendors hawking tons of new and used pots, blenders, etc. Skill saws too for that matter for those extra tough cuts. Costs $1 to enter, parking is free.

                    1. Actually I saw reasonably priced Le Creuset pots at a new Homegoods store in the El Toro Mall in Lake Forest. You can look up their closest place to see if any of those appeals to you.


                      There are Le Creuset outlet stores, too in most of the major outlet malls around.

                      Another trip would be to go to a good restaurant supply store and just look for the pieces you believe you need, uncluding knives and the like.

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                        The Le Creuset Outlet in Commerce is excellent... get on their mailing list and they notify you of super sales. :)


                      2. Forschner Victorinox knives can be found in most restaurant supply places. They are very reasonable priced and do yeoman's (woman's) work at a price that understands budgeting. Look at those.

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                          Another vote for Forschner Victorionox cutlery. Regularly earns top honors in Cook's Illustrated knife reviews. Sharp, great handles, good balance, light weight, inexpensive. In general, I prefer heavier knives and tend to spring for higher end cutlery, but I have several FV knives and love every one of them. They're basically unbeatable for the price and can be ordered from Amazon.

                        2. I bought a MAC Santoku knife about three years ago after it was toprated by Cooks Illustrated. Over the internet, cost just over $50, and became my go-to knife for almost all purposes. Even bought a couple more for gifts. In my more recent internet search, the MAC non-beviled blade santoku now costs around $60. Make sure she also has a steel for honing the edge, and knows how to safely use it. The MAC has completely replaced a carbon-steel chef's knife that I used for decades. The only others I need are a paring knife, a cheap serrated knife for bread, and a cleaver to cut through bones and smash garlic.

                          1. ok, this is going to sound lame, and very un-hound-like. but they recently opened a huge new "bed, bath & beyond" on olympic blvd. just east of bundy drive. it's very close to brentwood, and they have a huge selection, including some good high-end stuff. if you can pull together a bunch of those 20%-off coupons [they accept the ones for linens 'n things as well] you can get some pretty good deals.

                            i refuse to buy anything in that store without a coupon, so i hoard them [they show up in my mailbox pretty regularly], and take a whole wad in with me when i go :)

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                              I have great respect for Bed, Bath & Beyond. They are amazingly customer-oriented -- they ordinarily honor out-of-date coupons, but more than that when I am aimlessly wandering the aisles, one salesperson after another will ask if I need help. Their cashiers will actually guide you to an open line. Very impressive. For those that haven't been, that new store is over three times the size of the old one, and even the multi-level parking lot is worth negotiating to check it out.

                              On the other hand, even with the 20% off, the calphalon cookware and global knives aren't going to be bargains, though I'd stock up on vegetable peelers and other gadgets by OXO that they have huge shelves of.

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                                i hope it didn't sound like i was slamming bbb. i love the palce - i've been happily shopping there for many, many years. i just meant that it's not really the type of place most hounds would associate with quality cookware.

                                and you're right, the new location is worth the hassle. that parking deck is a real pita, but once you get inside, it's housewares heaven!

                            2. T.J. Maxx on Sepulveda just north of LAX has a varied selection of knives and cookware. You never know what you'll find there, but there's always a first-class bargain or twelve.

                              1. I would visit a store where the salespeople can really help and advise you, like Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma. Surfas would probably be good too but I've never been there so I can't share a firsthand opinion. Tell them what you're looking for and the budget you're hoping to stay in -- chances are, what they recommend will be more expensive than you were hoping, but (a) if you don't mind spending a little more, it's worth it to buy good quality knives and pots and (b) even if you don't buy anything there, you'll still have a better idea of what to hunt for at the cheaper places others have mentioned.

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                                  if price is even remotely an issue, neither sur la table nor williams-enema is a good option for purchases, but yes, you can certainly go there for research and good advice.

                                2. Someone told me that Bed Bath Beyond is accepting the %40 off anything coupon printed by MICHAELS stores in the sunday papers