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Dec 11, 2007 08:35 AM

MSP - Via (Edina)

I've seen plenty of posts on Via in response to others, but haven't been able to find a main thread. Had a dinner Sunday night over there and had the following experience hat may serve as a warning to the rest of the hounds.

Seated by a hostess who literally dropped us off at our table and left without saying a word, not even a basic "____ will be your server"

Seated next to a family of three, with an uncontrolled toddler climbing table to table

No bread service until halfway through our pasta

A tomato and arugula "salad" which is basically a whole tomato with the ends cut off, leaving a mealy slab of red fruit, sitting atop a pinch of baby arugula drowned in buttermilk ranch.

Pasta (shrimp penne for me, baked rigatoni for the lady -- both good, but not great)

...and to cap off the night, a cup of coffee will a generous tablespoon or two off coffee ground floating around in the cup -- nothing like the grit of grounds on your throat to cap off a meal.

As just one more annoyance, the restaurant failed to recognize my OpenTable reservation.

Dine at your own risk.

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  1. Ouch. We've only been there for brunch and never when it was crowded, and we've had good experiences on those occasions (including finding our reservation from OpenTable).

    1. been there once.. service was ok... a bit surly, but no worse than most minneapolis restaurants. However, the food was passable at best. my pasta was overcooked and the meat on it wasn't high quality.

      1. I wish I would have read this review before stopping by on Sunday night for a quick bite to eat.

        Not the greatest experience. In fact, it was awful. The bartender was somewhat annoying, as he tried to crack jokes every time that he stopped by the table. The food, as described above, was lackluster at best.

        We first tried the fresh spring rolls, which were a huge disappointment. It was very simple, with just Asian lettuce/cabbage and mint. The bartender said there was cilantro in there, but I'll have to take his word for it. The only thing that we tasted was an overabundance of mint.

        Then we tried the tomato/mozzarella flat bread. My girlfriend kept saying that it tasted like Doritos. In my opinion, that was putting it nicely. And I like Doritos.

        Along with the flat bread, we had the tomato and arugula salad, which was exactly as mplsmike described it. $9 for a tomato with ranch. And the tomato tasted like something you'd get at a cheap supermarket, not what you'd expect at a nice restaurant.

        Overall, I don't think I would have paid $10 for the meal, much less $50 (with drinks).

        On a positive note, I really liked the decor. I just wish they would have put as much thought into the menu.

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          Ditto to all above. Went there last weekend since we were in the area. I thought I had heard good things, but maybe I was mistaken. Walking in, the decor was lovely, they definitely put some money and effort into the space. In fact, it was strikingly similar to Mission decor-wise.

          The menu was a different story however. I knew the experience wasn't going to be stellar when I looked over the beer list and didn't notice anything that wouldn't be served at an average wedding or corporate event. I think the beer list can say a lot about a restaurant.

          We ended up sitting in the dining room. When I asked about the smaller menu that I had seen when I first came in, our server told us that it was the bar menu (even though it wasn't labeled as such). I asked if we could be seated at the bar instead. She complied and wasn't rude, but there was a certain robotic-ness to her. The dining room menu read like a hotel or country club menu. Nothing remotely intriguing and not a single entree under $22. The average was around $30. Even the average starter was between $10 and $14 despite all being fixtures on the Applebee's carside-to-go menu.

          Once we got to the bar, we ordered - I had the "Shaved Rib-Eye with Horseradish Cream." My wife got a flat bread pizza. The food came out in about 3 minutes somehow despite being a musy Saturday night. I like quick service, but I have a hard time believing any of our meals were done a la minute. I was right - my wife's flat bread tasted warmed over and my sandwich was not unlike the prime rib sandwich at quizno's except this was served on stale bread. On the bright side, my side salad was quite good.

          Total bill for sandwich, 1 beer, fries, and pizza = $50.

          The guys that own this place were recently named "Restauranteurs of the Year" by MSP Mag. If they can somehow sustain churning out mediocre meals for top-end prices, they've certainly earned that title. What an irritating dining experience.