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Dec 11, 2007 08:01 AM

What to do with veal shank bones--stock or marrow?

In my desire to make a veal stew this weekend, I found the only appropriate stewing meat was attached to shanks cut osso bucco style. One very expensive meat purchase and butchering later, I now have two large pieces of veal shank bone hanging out in my freezer. I originally wanted to make stock with them, but now I'm thinking about roasting them and having the marrow.

I've never made veal stock or roasted marrow, so how would I go about doing these? And what would you do with the bones?

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  1. I can't believe that you actually cut the meat off the bones and didn't make osso bucco, which IS a veal stew. But I do understand. Since moving to Dallas, veal is much harder to find than in the NE, and I have, thankfully, a new supermarket in town that gets veal in at least once a week. Next time, see if you can't get veal shoulder. It makes a great stew when cut up into 2 inch cubes.

    As for the bones, roast them in a 350 oven with salt, pepper, olive oil, chopped garlic. 45 minutes ought to do it. You can then eat the marrow with a spoon and still use the bones for stock later. In fact, roasted bones have a nice flavor. Don't know how much you have, but keep the water barely above the bones and simmer with bay leaf (2 or 3) and one onion (large pieces -- halves) on a low simmer for as long as you can in a covered pot. Check to make sure that you have enough water to cover from time to time. Minimum three hours for the best results.